Counter hit wake up delay usage

not sure if this is already posted
saw this, and I want to know what could it be use for i.e setups?

Eww, more SF4 engine weirdness. I don’t think I would have ever known about this unless someone told me.

As for usefulness, for the most part it will just require you to adjust the timing of your setups. In the video, Ryu can’t safe jump by simpy holding up-forward anymore. At best, the 1 or 2 extra wakeup frames might allow some characters a safejump or unblockable if they couldn’t already do so. I know I don’t want to test those out in training mode on all 39 characters, let alone try to keep all the counterhit/noncounterhit-specific setups straight. The wakeup system in this game is already a mess (character specific wakeup timing, slightly delayed quickrise, unblockables…), the last thing it needs is another wrench thrown in.

Sorry to go off on tangent, but this is a perfect example of Capcom’s broken sense of logic. For another one of the many examples, here’s a quote from the wiki: “In the case of E.Honda and T.Hawk, buffering a reversal will actually lengthen their backdash recovery. So if T.Hawk buffers a Mexican Typhoon at the end of his backdash, it will start animating on frame 30 instead of frame 27, and he will not be able to block during the extra recovery frames.”

Even if the intent is to add depth or balance, why do it in such an obscure, almost unnoticeable way? It’s a needless complication of the game engine. Here’s hoping these sort of inconsistencies get cleaned up in 2013.

This has been known about since day 1. If you character had a setup off a sweep, you have to check for the counter-hit otherwise the setup will fail.

Fairly certain that it isn’t intentional with the backdash stuff. Cody has the same thing but in reverse (his backdash can be shortened by 3F) and the counterhit stuff isn’t actually a “delayed wakeup” it’s because there is 2F more falling animation time. But that is semantics as the end result is the same.

I was just going to ask if someone knew the exact delay after counter hit knockdowns, it’s always nice to figure out those WTF moments, e.g Ryu doing his 4f safejump after a CH sweep only to see it whiff.

Thanks for that.