Counter Hit - your strategy?

As everyone knows, Cody’s counter hit cr.HP is one of his most effective combo setups and leads to some of his most damaging combos in the game. His two mains are:

(Counter hit) cr.HP -> EX rocks -> Ultra 2/ other options
(Counter hit) cr.HP -> cr.HP -> CU / Kick

I’ve actively tried to incorporate this into my game and believe it is the main thing keeping me from a ‘good’ Cody player to a ‘very good’ or ‘great’ player.

I can execute the combos consistently no problem if I do happen to land the counter hit. My main issue is successfully fishing for and consistently landing the counter hit cr.HP. So, to those of you who CAN land it semi-consistently, what is your approach?

The only thing i really do to attempt it is to throw the cr HP out during block strings after a couple cr.LPs or stomach blow (->+MP). But I usually just get jabbed out of it, thrown, or it just gets blocked.

When I watch videos of great players online they seem to land it so consistently (at least once or twice a match, if not more) and I can’t figure out exactly what they’re doing to fish for it.

So, share your strats / counter hit tricks with us!

1- Crossup mk, s.hp. Be prepared to react to counter hit or not though. If they try to throw you you won’t get a CH but if they try to crouch tech, you will.
2- xx FP CU, FADC, s.HP. Sasaki does this a fucking ton lot and it always catch people, it’s amazing.
3- Dash in or, cl.HP. Momochi and Fransujin do this a lot, but it’s really trick to get past people’s poke line. Guess it’s Momochi’s Makoto experience telling him exactly when to dash in.
4-, cl.hp: 3 frame gap CH setup.

Other then, cr.hp and just random s.fp/ off of crossup mk, I think the most consistent counterhit against good players is jump-in with a deep hk/hp, wait a fucking ETERNITY, cl.hp, c.hp xx w/e

You have to wait forever so they tech late so delay. You might get thrown if they catch on but then you speed it up and you get a clean hit anyway which links to easily or slightly harder because it’s a late hit confirm.

also, c.lp right in their face, wait wait wait, c.hp is also very good but it’s dangerous against bison/chun/boxer. You have to condition them to tech your throws once or twice and then you’ll get counter hits like crazy.

I think the most important thing abuot getting coutnerhits is pattern recognition on some people. For example, yang will always go,,, or something of the sort cause he’s fishing for you to stand. Wait for the third and then you can usually get a coutner hit Against chun li, you can often wait and counter hit with a c.hp against her Same thing applies for boxer after he does a few jabs.

I’ve done this before on accident and the damage is huge. If your doing it on purpose use LP CU as you get more damage before the FADC.

he means the s.hp doesn’t combo and hits as a counter hit.

Yeap. Should have been bit clearer, the xx CU is meant to be blocked, so it has to be fierce version for better +frame advantage. You might even be at a disadvantage with lp version.

i thought that all criminal upper first hits would yield the same amount of block/hit advantage.
also,solid meant “go for lp for more damage” because the initial first hit does more then hp cu if you cancel it either way to a s.hp ch set up.

Really? There are different block/hitstun values? I was under the assumption they weren’t the same because the block disadvantage is really different between both.

it’s about the initial hits not about full criminal uppers with tornado. i never tested it tho, but i assume they are the same.

So are hP and cr HP the best counterhit normals to fish with? If the close HP is blockrd I’m +1 so should I follow up with a cr lk /LP? Also what are the recommended gaps in between frame traps? Close medium puts me at +4 so if I follow with HP there is a four frame window to get caught by a 3 frame jab. If I follow with a cr HP instead the jab and cr HP should trade? ( cr HP is 7 startup HP is 8)

Trying to understand how to use these various gaps to exploit habits in my opponent’s defensive button mashing.

New to Cody in general is also good to fish for.

I’ve been doing f.MP, s.MP,cr.H, rocks

If the cr.H doesn’t catch the counterhit the rocks will.

cl.FP and c.FP are Codys bread and butter counter hit tools. On Codys c.FP, Judging by the hitbox data, I’m guessing that would work best because the active hitbox is big and invulnerable slightly in the front. His cl.FP is faster and has better frame advantage. The weaknesses of those is cl.FP can be thrown pretty easily. If they don’t crouch tech you’re going to eat a throw so be careful if they are keen to you fishing for crouch techs. c.FP can whiff from certain counter hit ranges which in turn can get you hit on your whiff recovery.

f.MP is great due to its active hit box lasting for a while and the counter hit is very easy to react to with a c.LK xx CU. Usually people just run into the move just trying to counter poke or attempt a slow move.

cl.MP xx c.HP is a pleasant set up. If I remember correctly the frame gap between the two moves is very tiny. Like 1 frame of even 0. That set up is good for button mashers. It also makes for a nice tick throw since the frame advantage alone is +7 I think.

I was going to write more but I totally forgot what I wanted to write… so there you go.

i dont really know the tech stuff but what seems to be working for me is cr.lp - cr.hp xx ex rocks if the cr.hp gets a ch the rocks combo and from then i either go xx cu or xx mk rk which tbh is silly damage!! other than that id say get creative like when i throw out a and it gets blocked i ike to go into another and sometimes do that three or four times in a row makes people cr tech like crazy so throw a cr.hp xx ex rock after one of the for more silly damage!!

i think the key to getting counterhits is conditioning ur opponent into teching ur throws but once he has that in mind cody starts to get really scary.

Since we’re all talking about counter hits, can someone let me know if theres an easier way to catch his second ultra after a counter hit close S.Hp? I have seen people do this almost effortlessly, is it seriously just by strict timing? I try this, but the opponent always ends up blocking. It seems pretty tricky to me, can someone help me out with some tips or advice on how to pull this off consistently?

The way I do it is that I buffer the ultra motion when doing the s.HP… if I see the CH I’ll press the buttons multiple times and it usually works that way.

Here is a video I recorded just now to show how I do it.

Dukefleed, wow! Thanks a lot! Literally, im catching it a hundred percent of the time! Lol!

What do you think ist the best setup/possiblity to catch button mashers?

Tenchi already mentioned cl.MP xx cr.HP. How do you generally set it up, I mean in which situations? jump-in - cl.MP xx cr.HP? Wakeup meaty? Isn’t that a 3 Frame-Gap?

Other opinions?


back up a bit

react with cr.HP. Shit generally works most of the time.

But isn’t this a 4 frame gap? Can’t e.g. Ken hit me with a mashed EX SRK?