Counter kens cross up [u,f +mk]?

I’m not sure what this is called, IMAGE LINK, cross up ?
[But its when ken jumps over your head sitting or forward, with mk then follows it up]

My problem is that im not sure how to counter this, i eat it everytime, my chars such as chun make it impossible for me to do anything at all. I will be block crouching and suddenly he will jump over with mk and do all kinds of life eating manouers.
Do i just learn to block the opposite way on reaction? how would i parry it?

if its ken vs ken, do i block or try SRK it?


Think of the ridiculous crossups in mortal combat 1 and you won’t be confused anymore =P You could always just dash under =\ Or hell, pick sa3 =P

Block 1pken 2pchun :l:
Parry 1pken 2pchun :l:

I think o.O;

if hes doing it raw, just step back and anti air it. if he tries to air parry ur anti air or think he will the next time, trip guard that shit.

if its on wakeup like after a SA3 just hold forward when u see him jump forward. the only thing he can do is the and grab…so thats all you gotta worry about. i like the chun end of the fight in this matchup

thanks, usually they do it when im crouching down and blocking their

things to watch out for when you block a deep cross-up:
cross-up short short
cross-up tick grab
cross-up tick poke
cross-up walk back walk in grab or poke

best possible thing is block low then through his patterns or playstyle you should figure out what he is most likely going to do.

people have trouble blocking ken cross-up on reaction? if hes doing ambiguous set-ups just press left or right, you eiter block it or parry it

I’m almost sure the crossup will hit you from the front every time. so block high as you normally would with any other overhead attack, then as soon as the mk hits you just block the other way. Parrying the is kinda crappy IMO, the timing is wierd, and theres risk of you executing a punishing move facing away from ken.

In my experience, the only real way to beat Ken’s crossup is if you hit him before he can throw it out, or you use a move that has invincibility so that you can blow right it. Ken’s crossup is gdlk. If Ken can time his crossup just right, he can punish his own fierce shoryu or even a Corkscrew Blow. I have had both scenarios be done on me. :arazz:

I’d try to avoid doing wake up stuff because it can also backfire by him empty jumping against you. Seriously…the best thing to do is just block his crossup and block low, since it eliminate a lot of his options for big damage outside of an overhead, which you can block if you look out for it.

Well, you could option select parry by tapping forward, in which you’ll block if he crossed you up, or a parry if he didn’t. Of course, this will only work if can correctly guess when the crossup will occur.