Counter List (Ryu)



I working on creating a “counter list” for all characters but I decided to start with Ryu. I don’t know if I’ll finish, this takes longer than I thought. I just finished with jf.jab and jf.strong and it took a long time. I’ll post more when I finish them, for now here’s Ryu’s jf.jab and jf.strong.

P.S. Whatever move I didn’t post means it doesn’t work at all. I’m not perfect if you find any mistakes let me know. If you want to help message me your results.

Ryu Move 1) jf. jab (jb.jab)
Dhalsim Counter
s.jab(t); s.strong*(t); s.forward*(t); s.fierce*(t); s.rh*(t); b.strong; b.fierce(t); b.rh(s,tr); cr. jab(ms,fs,tg); cr.strong(tg); cr.fierce(tg); cr.short(tg); cr.forward(tg); cr.rh(tg); yoga blast*; yoga inferno; yoga catastrophe; shangri-la; air-to-air*

Ryu Move 2) jf.strong (jb.strong)
Dhalsim Counter
s.jab(t); s.strong*; s.fierce; s.short(fs)(tg); s.forward*; s.rh*; b.strong; b.fierce; b.forward; b.rh; yoga blast; yoga inferno; yoga catastrophe(tr); shangri-la; all cr. moves*; air-to-air*

*(1) For the long limbs that hit, different timings give different results. Ryu can hit your limbs with his jab depending on timing. Regardless of long limbs these work at close range as well. S.rh seems to be the more reliable one; All yoga blasts work but some are harder to land. EX is the best; Most air-to-air moves depend on how well placed Ryu’s jab is. What’s notable is that he can hit j.fierce limbs if timed right, even at a distance. If you are using air-to air as a reaction for an anti-air most of them work.
*(2)With the long limbs there is some timings where Ryu can hit the limb. It’s difficult for Ryu to get the timing so these are not that bad; Since this move cannot hit a crouching opponent all moves will hit (if not trip guard); On air-to-air it depends on timing, Ryu can hit long limbs with jf.strong. I will note the that jb.rh seemed to be the most effective.

(t) = timing is strict
(s) = depends on spacing
(tr) = trades or can trade
(cr) = close range
(ms) = midscreen
(fs) = fullscreen
(tg) = trip guard
red = not so reliable
orange = debatable/trades in favor
black = works


The idea of this topic is interesting, and you can explore every contrast between two moves. I assume you are considering only opponent air moves, or your work will be huge.
I think you can add a summary of the best limbs/moves to counter any air attack of a single char.
Nobody will never know which air attack your opponent is going to press, so the better thing is to use at least 2-3 different moves to cover all situations. I think that if you can punish a char with in every situation, this means that (s)he’s a zonable char (For example Guile, Ryu and others). That limbs is generally the best one, because EX blast often trades, so it deals only 70 not 140.
Ken, instead, can use a particular air EX hurricane to overcome the, so also blast EX is necessary.

I can add just few general (and banal) tips:

  1. is the most reliable move you can use if your opponent is in over your head. The problem are the divekicks that can make you missing the timing.

  2. is the most damaging normal to AA. Beat a bunch of air moves, but can trade or lose with few ones. You have to know which they are (Balrog for example).

  3. timed correctly can beat almost all moves at a certain distance. The problem is his startup. You have to KNOW that your opponent is going to jump.

  4. on reaction: if you calculate the right distance and you’re waiting for a jump, use this. Pay attention versus divekicks: they can be a bait because of their different range. For example if Akuma does an lk divekick, your will whiff and he can punish with U1!

  5. EX flame: this special works great, and have more range than It’s ideal versus divekick that are in front of you (not over!) because his active frames are 32, it’s invincible for the first 5 frames and it comes fast. The cons are the EX bar, and the high opportunity of trading (but you can teleport to the other side after that).

  6. tripguards: great weapon that work only at distance. I recommend to use them ONLY vs charge chars, because if they empty jump forward they cannot charge any special to punish your tripguard. Ryu can easily DP your limb after an empty jump.

I would be infinitely grateful to you if you’ll show your result of these chars:
Viper (lol)

Probably it’s too difficult to create in training mode all possibile dive kicks, and find a single solution. Their arc depends on distance. Good luck :stuck_out_tongue:


I plan to test grounded moves as well. It just takes some time. I know that some of these tests are sort of useless because of the better options that we’re already aware of. I’m kind of doing it for the sake of completion. I will tell you this, I’ve learned a lot of about Dhalsim’s hit boxes and I understand them better now. Also If I played Ryu lol, I just became way better against Sim. Anyway after I finish Ryu, I plan to work on Cammy. I also plan to add Drills and Mummy as soon as I recruit help.