Counter pick for tough zoning matchups (Guile, Deejay, Chun)


Hi, I currently main Hugo but the following matchups are really difficult. guile, sagat, juri, poison, chun, and deejay. I can surely win a handful of them, but its me vs the handicap of the match up.

I’m looking to pick up a new pocket character that has good matchups on paper vs those characters. I’m looking at general tier lists and I’m thinking of trying Evil Ryu or Vega. I have a pocket Cody, so I’m looking for a playstyle that consists of frame traps and safe jump options… someone who can create safe consistent pressure on hard knockdowns.

any ideas? I don’t have the best execution in the world, so I do want to limit the amount of 1 frame links in the bnbs, but outside of that, I’m game.


rushdown characters are fairly good against zoners. Cammy, c.viper, and rufus are some examples




hmm!!! maybe. I me4ssed with him in super but haven’t touched him in ages. outside of his great pressure when u knock an opponent down, what do u like about him vs zoners with great pokes? I’m interested in trying him again


Yun is always a good bet for a secondary. He’s easy to learn, doesn’t have hard execution, and deal with a ton of match up very well.
He’s not especially " a counterpick " to zoners, but he doesn’t have disadvantages against any of them.


Yun is okay I guess, he was an okay pick against Guile in 2012, I suppose it’s better in Ultra. He beats Chun and Dee Jay. I’m sure he gives Sagat trouble in Ultra.

Dudley isn’t exactly a sub character, you’re not going to win on ducking alone. Same goes for Viper. Rufus goes even or loses to Guile? He beats the rest.

Cammy should still beat them. Ibuki, Seth Adon, Yang do well.