Counter picking or just bad luck?

Well, I made it to G2-B tonight

My main is Gen

I have a Gen title on at all times

Tonight I fought 15+ Blankas

Most of them had titles for different characters along with icons

I played a guy with a Balrog title and Bison icon and he picked Blanka O_O

People were taking 15+ seconds in the character select screen

Ugh, what a long night :frowning:

I also don’t think Blanka was the main of a single person that used him tonight because they were terrible :frowning:

I think I beat all Blanka’s but one

It’s not an un-winnable match up, but it’s hard

Try Gouken vs Blanka if you think Gen vs Blanka is bad. At least you can punish blocked balls with super/ultra.

How does Gouken’s fireball fare in the fight?

Like I said before, Gen -vs- Blanka isn’t terrible, but it’s not fun either

besides super or ultra what else can you do after a blocked ball?

Does Gen’s c.lp not stuff the ball? Most character’s seem to.

Gekiro straight up beats it and after a blocked ball you can dash forward mk xx hands. Blanka is definitely not a counter pick for Gen.

There is a matchup thread that could probably help you out a lot more. ; )

I’m not really a fan of making new threads for things like this :\

Blanka is 5-5 IMO. Just play the match patiently and it’s a K.O GGPO for you.

Horizontal balls can be punished with a nicely timed forward dash, st.MK~hands. If you get them afraid to do horizontal balls you can basically start focusing again seeing as horizontal ball is his only armor break. All his other blocked balls can be punished with something as simple as a sweep.

If you’re worried about wake up electricity or up-balls, do very early empty cross ups. If he doesn’t electricity, you both are at neutral again, but if he does an ex-upball you are free to punish. Also, low forward beats electricity clean every time. Unless you’re ridiculously close, but usually is not the case.

I’m pretty sure most of this is in the match-up section.

Oh also, no I don’t think it’s counter-picking.

I agree completely. Patience is the biggest key. Most of my matches with a decent Blanka end with 20 seconds or less each round.

I tend to stay away from Blanka in the beginning and stuff fiece hor. balls with crane jump back HP. The key to the Blanka match is to nullify the hor. ball. once you established that you are at the advantage.

If you play an extremely High tallent Blanka that never uses the hor. ball as an attack and uses to bait throws. Then I dont kbow what to say. I have a buddy that is the best blanka I’ve played or seen, and I cant even get him down to half life. He probably throws me 6-10 time per round. If I played him offline, it would probably be a different story since his tactics dont work as well. (especially since I used to destroy him in the arcades before the console release.

The problem with Blanka isn’t just the balls (which are bad enough - they are too fast to reliably hit on reaction with Gekiro or similar), but also his jump arc and lack of cooldown on many attacks. If a Ryu gets you in the corner and does a jumpin you can’t punish with Gekiro, you can still reliably hit him with Mantis Ultra. Not so with Blanka. You can’t FADC towards a charging Blanka due to blanka balls. You can’t reliably cross him up, due to balls and electricity. You can’t do jumpins, due to vertical balls. Even walking towards him is risky due to the quick low punch slide.

A bad or medium Blanka can be pressured into a corner and destroyed. A good Blanka will pressure you instead, and Gen doesn’t have very good tools to punish the pressure.

Then again, I’m hardly the best Gen player out there.