what are your thoughts on it?

are you the type of player that uses only one character, and tries to learn the ins and outs of all the possible match-ups? or are you the type of player who learns a few or several characters, and you switch depending on the situation?

i already have my own view on it, but am interested in hearing other people’s thoughts =)

Well, counterpicking is somewhat abusive in ST. I mean, among hi-level players, the guy that picks the counter will almost always win. I, particularly, don’t think it’s a friendly tactic, since it’s way easy to beat Zangief as Chun-li, or Honda as a fireballer. Nevertheless, Mr. Sirlin has shown us that it’s not IMPOSSIBLE [beating a chun-li as zang], but in practical ways, the probability is very low, if both players are same level, of course. Good players should be able to play as any character, focusing in some of them, and trying to beat the opponent in his own style. It’s way more thrilling, IMHO.

I typically stick to one character whenever I play like 20-40 matches. I think you should learn one character and use them regardless of the bad match ups. If I switch characters, then I stick with that character regardless of whether or not my opponent counterpicks after I have switched.

I use Cammy 99% of the time, regardless of matchups.

But, out of curiosity, what character would you use to counter-pick against Cammy?

Anyone =x