Counter Properties


I probably didn’t do a deep enough search but…
I’m curious as to what you can and can’t counter
with command counters (Rock, Geese, Yamazaki, etc).
I know that you can’t rely on these all too often,
but there are times where they can help turn the
whole match around.

What got me started was when I was using Rock
against Blanka, I took a gamble and pulled his
lk Crack Counter while Blanka was a full screen away.
I got lucky when he came out with a fp Blanka Ball
and stopped him dead in his tracks. I took a second
gamble (after noticing the guy I was playing kept
using Electric Thunder as a recovery move) and
used the lk C. Counter again… amazingly, Rock
counters Blanka’s Electric Thunder.

Shin Gouki’s Tenma Shurettou, although looks cool,
is probably the most unrealiable in the game. I’ve
seen it miss, blocked, and even countered with
quick-recovery moves.

Aside from that, I haven’t had much luck in experimenting
on what I can/can’t counter (seeing as how playing on
Live can really tamper with your reaction time)… Anyone
care to contribute some info?