Counter Team Thread


i’m wondering what the counter teams are in mvc2. it would make sense that team scrub would be countered by mag/cable/tron or mag/cable/doom just because both of those assists beat capcom, which leads to a 1 on 1 game of magneto vs cable or sentinel.

but my biggest question would be who counters MSP?


Try MM/Sent-y/BH. If you’re good with Tornado Hold, well-placed tornadoes combined with well-timed FPs and Sent assist shuts down Mags rushing very well, and call BH if Mags gets a little too close. If you can’t get the hang of timing and placing tornadoes right, Rockball can still cause some serious problems for Mags. As for Storm, MM can also counter rushing Storm, and even do well against a running Storm through proper use of BH plus sj.Mega Buster. And even if Storm manages to KO MM, Sent/BH can still take her.


No. Santhrax counters MSP.


Yes, it does. But so does my team. And if you’ve read popoblo’s other post, he tries to avoid the common characters as much as possible. And the team I posted is less of a “sheep” team.


How does Team Steroids do vs. MSP?


Thats such a bad macth up if they cross you up and you get hit its a done game. Unless you can block real good .


team row gets counter by msp thats one. team storm/sent/capcom counters storm /sent/cable real bad.

There more macthesbut i just can’t think of them right now


Strider Doom …The answer to all your problems :cool:


could someone explain how msp counters row?


I wouldn’t say MSP is a HARD counter to row, but certainly a soft counter. If row starts Sent, it’s not so bad of a fight, as sent/mag-a CAN deal with mag/psy or storm/psy if played well. It’s just the fact that psylocke has way too much priority and beats BOTH of row’s assists.
If Mag is started first on row, it becomes a little harder, as the only thing he can do vs. psylocke is countercall (which he shouldn’t even be able to do if MSP’s magneto is playing correctly, i.e. keeping him in blockstun after calling psy). If row calls assist FIRST, then mags can just countercall psy and take the advantage and start rushing. Also, the team doesn’t have too much it can do if mag gives storm a lead to run on, as cable obviously can’t catch her, mag doesn’t have an easy way, and sent can’t catch her well with mag-a or cable-b.
If MSP is played correctly (and you’re not actually playing Rowtron), it shouldn’t have a huge problem setting the pace of the match and eventually winning.


When Clockw0rk plays it, that is. :smiley:


Cyke/Storm/Commando > MSPsycock whores :smiley:


As long as you’re Viscant. ^^


I have a question about the match up of strider/doom vs msp. A friend of mine says msp is a counter team but I don’t see it. Anyone wanna add their 2cents?


Strider/Sent/Doom counters MSP. Not as hard as Storm/Sent/Commando does. But it still counters it. Strider backed with Sent/Doom is unrushable by magneto. The only thing that keeps this match from being a total squash is Psylocke’s assist, which keeps strider from doing lazy start ups for the trap.


The two people I play most are my roommate, and another friend. My roommate uses Sent/Strider/Doom and scrub when he’s bored. The other guy uses Sent/Storm/Cap. Please believe me when I say I play this matchup a LOT. Oh yea, this is with MSP.

From what I see, MSP fights Sent/Strider/Doom are either: Snap to Doom and win/easier fight, or slow(and i mean slow) death to Sent/Doom and Strider/Doom. Very careful fight for MSP; conservative and patient. I’d much rather have Storm out vs. Strider, or at least exploit mistake/counter assist xx Tempest to instant Hailstorm. Sooner the better, because Mags is usually hurting from fighting Sent at that point. Mags can’t run from an orbed Strider as well as Storm or Sent(nice, Sin vs. Clock vid at denjin). Well, mine can’t. Yet.
I also find that Strider starts orbs at full screen with Doom in my face, so Psy doesn’t end up being as usefull as Storm proj. assist(gotta anticipate and call relatively early, though). Against gay Sent/Doom fly chip lockdown strings, Psy’s the one to go to.

Against Sent/Storm/Cap, I usually win big or lose big. Snap to Cap, as everyone knows. Avoiding point Sent calling Cap with Mags isn’t exactly THAT hard, either. Ask Mixup or Soo. However, unblockable, fast flys, assist punishing, and 100% DHC make this careful, too. There’s the sj, ad forward, Hp, Hk, as well as other stuff, but this team fucking hurts. If you happen to know if Sent has no unfly, exploit when he does fly with Tempest to instant Hailstorm, too. Then you can charge/run/zone till 3 bars, land a hit on whoever’s out, and Lightning Storm to Butterflies to Tempest/Shockwave. Mag proj. helps to ground their Hail chip attempts when it’s Storm vs. Storm, but make sure they’re far, or Cap will punish. Sucks, because sometimes assist takes the hit(God save the Queen!) and their Hail hits first on you and the jew.


i say it’s better to start Storm first vs. Mags because while Sent has the potential to kill Mags quickly, Storm has the ability to kill Mags INSTANTLY.


Haha, yeah, I tell them that, they believe it and successfully do it, but I snap out Storm first way too often/easily, compared to when Sent starts. Lucky me. ^^

Clinging to that super armor. Faggots.


MSP vs storm/sent/capcom…your mag has to be able to triangle jump PRECISELY when he’s in close vs storm/loaded team. not only is that hard as fuck. when you get in, you’re gonna have to block storms attacks and wait your turn past her hailing you back out. First thing i do is snap in capcom, it’s the easiest way to end the fight.

I think about it like this, if i drop storm while i’m comboing her, all she needs is a random attack to end me. Commando however is AT WORST going to either dhc back into a match mag can win easier(sent/capcom) or hit you with the corridor dhc. neither is as bad as storm getting free*unless the dhc killed ur ass:p

Really hard fight but winnable.


msp vs storm/sent/cap.

when i face this team… it normally depends on the begining of the match. if i land the first hit, then cap is snapped in and it leads to an easy victory. if i fail to connect first it becomes very difficult. from my experience, msp loses to storm/sent/cap unless the msp user is alot more skilled.

hm. counter team to storm / sent / cap plz… :slight_smile: