Counter teams?

I’m just curious what are generally considered counter teams to reasonably popular teams.

For example I hear people always saying that MSP counters MSS well. Because Psylocke’s AA is hard to rush in on and sent’s rocket punch assist gets beat out cleanly so offers little cover.

Not personal opinion here, generally accepted counter teams. What others are there?

Santhrax counters MSP is one off the top of my head.

Well, there is an article that viscant made about counter characters. Pixies>beam, beam>giants, giants>pixies. Their are also counter assist, which counter other assist. Psylocke loses to capcom, who loses to doom or tron (doom and tron are just about even), who loses to cyclops, who loses to psylocke and the cycle goes on.

If you play MSP, Santhrax would be the ideal counter team, because you have a Sentinel based team along with Capcom, who makes rushing down hard to do. And Capcom counter Psylocke.

MSP wins against MSS. You said it best.

Combofiend wins against MSP. Sentinel is too much for MSP. And IM’s beta assist counters Magneto, since it hits on both sides and Magneto always tries to cross you up.

MSP loses to Clockwork. Sentinel/Doom is already to much for Magneto. Storm is going to have hella trouble with Sentinel, especially on the ground. To make it even worse, Striders orbs are like anti rush-down and they win against all assist except Ken’s AAA. MSP is a rushdown team. Game over. Clock wins.

MSP loses to Team Guard (Storm/Sent/Cable). Team guard is very hard to counter. To make it even worse, the gimmick is the same, which is run away. MSP has difficulties with Storm/Sentinel. And you have a solid AAA in Cable to beat Magneto rush-down.

I have had sucess in beating Santhrax with Clockwork. Doom counters Capcom, and Sentinel is so free in the trap. All that leaves is Storm, which is left to Sentinel. Sentinel can definately beat Storm like 6-4. For these reasons, I believe Santhrax is countered by Clockwork.

I think that Row is definately the hardest to counter. But it hardly counters anybody. So if you hate gettign countered, pick Row.

Thats all I can think of.

Damn I didn’t know Psy beats Cyke.

Who counters Matrix?

I was shocked that Psylocke beats Cyke too lol.

Scrub counters Matrix, but it is still possible to lose with scrub. the match-up is like 6-4 scrubs way. Cable is a tough match-up for Storm/Sentinel, especially with Capcom backing him up. Cable also owns Cyclops for damn near free. If Cable dies, you have sent there to possibly beat Storm.

Magneto/Cable/Psylocke does beat Matrix. Cyclops loses to psylocke

That is pretty much it. Cable teams beat Matrix, and they are only a select few.

Funny that you mentioned Mag/Cable/Psy cause there’s this one guy that uses him every time I play him with Matrix and I swear to god Psy is so fuckin’ annoying! I can get rid of his Mag with the quickness but it’s that damn Cable/Psy, shit is mad hard to get in on. We be going back and forth and he always does random character switches and it just fucks me up all day long but that’s off topic.

Cable/Doom (AAA)
Cable/CapCom (AAA)
Cable/Psy (AAA)
Cable/BH (AAA)
Cable/Sent (Y)

Very hard to get in! I usually put pressure on them cause Cable can’t hit me if I’m flying on top of them, so I just have Sent/Cyke (AAA) and just do crossups as much as I can cause if you give Cable space he owns.

At the high levels, no team counters MSP except MSP.

I can’t agree. I always feel like MSP loses out vs scrub, row, thrax, and clockwork the majority of the time assuming = skill on both sides. High risk/high reward by definition… while the runaway gods win by default through chip… msp actually has to do something to win.

strider/doom is always so ugly for msp… sent/doom chippage is bad enough… but worse… is that magnus and psi can do literally almost nothing against a strider with active oro… storm can still hail and runaway… but strider actually has the tools to catch her so…

He’s refering to high level play - EVO, Seasons Beatings - not casual online matches.
Look at the MSP footage at SB 3.

yeah augmint is on the level