Counterfeit Sanwa Buttons?


I just received my order of 8 sanwa buttons from an online retailer and they all seem to exhibit the identical characteristics of a fake sanwa according to this video:


Has anyone else had any issues with online retailers substituting orders with knock-off merchandise?


Which retailer is this?




Also, where did that video come from?


To the OP - Knockoffs aren’t cool, but I don’t think you making a profile today than posting about who sells fake buttons will have any weight. Maybe your buttons are fake and you are a legit person, maybe you are someone that has an agenda to make a seller look bad. Who knows? It would be cool if you listed your source, we accept they might be counterfeit, then we as a community look further into this. Maybe have a respected person on the board get a few buttons paid for by a donation or something, and go from there.

Focusattack? - The sanwas I bought from there about 6 months ago were legit, not that it means anything now…


My only agenda is to figure out whether or not I’ve fallen victim to counterfeit merchandise. Since the official Sanwa Denshi website has an alert on their main page saying BEWARE OF IMITATIONS in bold red characters.


This is interesting, I just actually bought a set of 8 Blue Screw in Sanwas from (Well, the person I’m building the stick for did). I just looked at the Microswitches, and they seem look like the second set of switches shown in the video.
I also just checked the set of Red and Gree Screw in Sanwa switches I had purchased last month (from focus attack) for my own arcade stick, and they seem to have this second type of switch too.

I’m curious to know what’s up with this.
Here are some images for reference.

These are the two sets of buttons I’ve recently ordered.

Here’s a shot of the older style.
Just checked a stick I built about a year ago, using Sanwas new Transparent buttons. They have this new style switch too.

So I’m not sure if this is something Sanwa has changed, or what.



I don’t think the switches are a good indicator of whether or not they’re counterfeit. As PaperTigre noted, these are the same switches that come with the translucent OBSC-30s.\

You can find the same microswitches in the buttons on the HRAP.V3.


Exactly. I don’t think it’s fair to call these counterfit without any proof that they are.
With the information we have, this very well may that Sanwa has changed the style of their switches.
Maybe someone could reach out to Sanwa for further clarification?
Until we get some form of clarification, it’s sorta a dick move to try and call out a distributor with zero proof…


From what I’ve heard, the newer Hori sticks don’t even use Sanwa brand buttons. I don’t think they’re above using knockoffs to save a few bucks for their older sticks.

It’s all about the paypah after all.


Hori isn’t using Sanwa buttons on ONE of their premium sticks.
Outside of the Hori Fighting Edge (which uses Hori buttons), all of Horis high quality sticks still come stocked with Sanwa buttons for the 8 30mm buttons.
If we’re gonna come in here and make accusations, can we at least do our own research please?


So I’m a dick for trying to figure out if I got scammed?

I wonder what type of responses I would have gotten if I would have said Ebay intead of Focus Attack, I know FA has a lot of allies in this community ready to jump to their defense.


Making a dick decision doesn’t mean I think you’re a dick. I just don’t think it’s fair to try and call out FocusAttack with literally zero actual proof. Take that however you want.
You think I’d be happy if I’ve dumped hundreds of dollars into counterfeit buttons? I have nothing to gain here by thinking that these are the new style of sanwa buttons (except for peace of mind, I suppose).

What I can confirm: I have received these type of switches in Sanwa buttons from Focus Attack (Red/Green/Blue screw-ins), as well as Akihabarashop (Transparent Sanwas).
For shits and giggles, I opened my Madcatz SCV stick, it’s buttons are completely stock.

At this point, I’m sure I could go dig my Hori SCV stick out of its box, and check that, but now that I’ve confirmed that I’ve received these switches from three sources, one being Madcatz, I’m fairly willing to narrow down that Sanwa has simply changed their design for the switches, and their buttons.
It’s still probably worth reaching out to Sanwa to get clarification though.


I appreciate your help in this matter PaperTigre, you are an alright person and I can respect your comments even if the previous seemed slightly biased and somewhat abrasive.

Anyway, your sleuthing is easing my tension and I thank you for that. Please understand that I do not like being taken advantage of and I’m the type that takes action against fraudulent acts.


I don’t buy Sanwa buttons, they just come with my sticks that I either decide to buy or get and then replace them with my Seimitsu buttons but you’re in luck because I have some Sanwa buttons from recent sticks. First of all, I have to say that either Sanwa did start changing the housing of their microswitches because the 2 sets of Sanwa buttons in the picture below from a Mad Catz TE-S SOUL Edition and a Razer arcade stick which come stock with Sanwa parts:

Both these sets of buttons all have tabs for their microswitch housing and the only reason why I am posting in this thread is simply because I broke one of the tabs trying to take out the stupid 24mm Sanwa button in the TE stick recently(I usually turn the button so the tabs can easily be reached). In the end, I think the video you posted may be out dated.


I can totally understand them possibly changing the casing of the micro switch as they have been running the old type for a very long time.

I have heard that Sanwa aswell as Seimitsu sell products with slight defects at a cheaper price. But I think this only goes as far as cosmetic damage such as scuffed plastic etc. Not sure whether they would sell products with bad tolerances. Whether these are floating around in the market or not I have no idea.

Having just checked all of the buttons I have lying around (some dating back as far as 5 years old) the tabs on the buttons don’t touch the casing. Its the rim of rest of the plunger that touches/stops at the at casing. I found the only time it does touch is on the Sanwa 24mm buttons. As far as rattling goes, I have some that do and some that don’t and this includes both old and new type Sanwa buttons. I wouldn’t look into it too much to be honest unless the name printed on your switches says “Samwa” or “Simitsu”


All - just wanted to chime in as I got several emails from this customer and responded quickly to each. I mentioned that he can return the buttons for a refund. Each time he asked “what can we do to rectify this”. Honestly I’m uncertain what one can do to allay his concern over an assumption. Do I send him a refund and let him keep the buttons over a claim without viable proof? I haven’t received a response yet, and then was tipped off to this thread

First off, we currently buy Sanwa parts from the same supplier that Akishop does. I told that to the customer before this thread was created. Akishop has done business with the FGC and arcade owners/enthusiasts for several years, and to my knowledge, hasn’t received a claim like this.

I checked my MadCatz TE joystick buttons the other day after receiving this claim. They have a 1mm gap, and the same slight rattle that is mentioned in the video. It’s not likely that MadCatz gets fake Sanwas for their TEs. MarkMan can confirm that.

B15SDM and others here have offered differing thoughts to JRNovashine’s as well. They have been in this longer than I have, so you certainly do not have to take just my word for it.

I’ve remained in business at for three years now, and have received no complaints about the quality of Sanwa or Seimitsu until this customer. Most that do business with us know that customer satisfaction is our highest priority. It’s not a tagline - we try our best to do it. There is little we can do about an assumption based solely on someone’s video, however.

JRNovashine - please return the buttons and get your purchase amount back. You can then purchase at Akishop, VGNY or Paradise Arcade for comparison. Likely you will receive the same buttons that we offer, but there are your options.


According to James (who has connections to Sanwa), these are the same new microswitches that debuted with the OBSC-30 translucent buttons last year.

Please get your info right. Only the Fighting Edge uses special Hori parts (Hayabusa stick and Kuro buttons). The HRAP.V and Soul Caliber/Gundam sticks use Sanwa parts.


I just checked my buttons. Seems like all my newer sanwas ( from multiple retailers ) have the raised gusset type pieces between the switches. I’m sure it’s just a update to their mold.