Countering Balrog/Vega's Rolling Ball move

The :l::r::hp: that all Balrog/Vega users whore so much and is quite possibly the easiest move to whore.

How do you get out of it? What are all the different options different characters have? Can Geese counter in between the hits or is his counter to slow? Can Rolento :lp: or :mp: him? Does counter movement or counter attacking typically work if you’re in a groove with it? What are some moves that can punish it since we all know he’s gonna do it then a fp then do it again.

for geese you can do a high counter BEFORE it hits you. this applies to other characters with counters as well (rock, hibiki, etc).

uppercut characters can uppercut before it hits you as well.

too lazy to name the rest give us character specifics and i’m sure we can dissect the counters.

I think the real problem comes in with RC rolling ball. There is much less you can do here.

If you SEE a ball coming you can usually do one of the following:
-roll through it and attack from behind
-jump over it
-jd/parry and immediately punish the last hit
-alpha counter one of the hits

The problem is that a good Claw will try and trick you. Throwing you out of a roll or attacking you in the air. Beware of alpha countering or trying to punish too early in the move, as it maybe RC’d, and beware of attacking if you’ve blocked the whole thing as you may be hit with another rolling ball.

I still have problems with a good Vega, so this is what I know from getting hit. Try not to get cornered, but don’t rush in full steam, Claw can sit and wait all day.

Space it out, then counter when it comes out or jump up on wakeup if u think they’ll do it as reversal wakeup or something.

ryan, you’re playing n groove right? counter roll it and hit him with a combo. no more whoring it, problem solved. and you can’t punish a blocked vega ball. no one can.

Geese is really strong.

Although he gets fat when he ducks (which isn’t good against Vega), if you play him in K-groove, you can just defend all the hits of the Rolling Ball, then do close s.LK, d.HP xx hcb+LK/super.

Don’t use alpha counter against this move unless you’re about to die. It’s not a trap, you don’t gain the +10 advantage of Vega blocking your Rolento AC, and you blow all your guard meter for nothing.

Be patient. Wait for the gap, then roll behind the Rolling Ball on reaction and punish.

This Kyo guy I watched once was sick.

He predicted that Vega was going to wakeup with RC Rolling Ball, so Kyo jumped straight up over it at the last second, ran up behind Vega while he’s still spinning, then launched him into a death combo with run up close s.HK xx up kicks.