Countering CapCom assist in MvC2?

I’m new to MVC2, yeah I know I’m REALLY late to the party but during the PS2/Dreamcast era I was too busy playing SOCOM and Madden (the occasional tournament here and there) but have recently got into the game.

Anyway, I think I’m a fairly quick learner and adjust to situations quickly, however I still can’t seem to beat anyone that has CapCom in their lineup. I don’t know what I’m doing and it’s annoying when I lose to someone just because they have CapCom, especially when I beat them the previous 3-5 times.

Also, if someone is interested, would you be willing to teach me how to play. I’ve read forums, watched videos but most of them don’t help. Being taught by someone while actually playing the game seems much more effective to me.

Oh, not sure if it matters in regard to my original question, but my team I use is usually Sentinel/Hayato and I alternate between Magneto/Iron Man for my third character.

Expect it and then snap that bitch in

Add me if your on xbox

It depends how they are using their assist. If they are just mashing it whenever you are close, dash in, dash out and see if they protect their assist well or not. make sure you don’t block the assist and that it whiffs completely (obviously block if you have to), because it limits your options.

If they are just doing some gay shit like jumping towards you, but just blocking and mashing their assist (and I guess trying to bait you into using yours) then when they land then if they are too far away for the point character to hit you then you can smack them with a tri-jump, or if they are close you can cross them up. You may not get the big hits if they are doing this, but they will eventually learn that its not working in their favour and try something else, and then BAM, pringles.

doom aaa is a direct counter to capcom aaa

You can try to bait it, block it, or beat it. Bait it by getting them to throw him out, then back dash far enough away or something and punish if possible. Something like Sentinel backdash laser xx HSF. Blocking it is safe, but allows them to continue rushdown or pressure, not a bad option though. Beat it with another assist, ie Doom as mentioned or time an assist or an attack of your own to hit him as he comes in.

Dealing with assists is really really hard to learn (at first).