Countering Command Grabs?

I’m having a real problem fighting against players with command grabs, once I get thrown down I have a really tough time escaping. Any advice?

Jump or Back Dash

If they’re on top of you waiting for you to get up, do an invincible move like an ex shoryuken, or just jump.

Ex-versions lose to throws and Non-ex versions lose to any attack if it comes out faster.

This only aplies to Abel’s Tornado Throw. Trying to aply this to Gief/Honda/Makoto/T.Hawk is not the best idea.

In general the answers are (from safest to least safe)

Jump away
Move with throw invulnerability

I normally just neutral jump a lot against command grab characters. If they try to command grab they just whiff and you get to land a jumpin combo for free.

Yeah your options are to jump back, do know that Abel can deal with you trying to jump away (his anti-air grab is more designed to snag someone jumping away) and he can ultra a backdash if he’s keen enough to anticipate it iirc.

Neutral jumps are good, but you may eat a lariat for your trouble versus Gief.

Just things to remember when you’re trying to decide what to do.

Taking to the air is still what I’d advise in most cases, especially in the case of a Gief with ultra. (Which could very well no longer be the case in Super with Giefs air-to-air grab super)

Usually against abel or gief i predict when they are going to command grab then jump back or either back dash to avoid getting repeatedly grabbed over and over again.

As many people have said, backdashing is probably the safest thing to do. Jumping and throw-invulnerable moves may also work, but not as often and not as safely as backdashing in my experience.

Again, don’t get predictable. Grapplers usually get the most damage from punishing people trying to escape the grab, rather than the grab itself.

Rather than start a new thread I’d just ask here, the starting frames of a character’s jump get you out of throws right?


Pick Sagat. :bgrin:

Work hard on escaping mixups after a throw. They may tick, they may just do a throw on your wakeup, they may react to your attempts to get away. giefs can EX hand backdashes if they’re looking for it. If they are good at counters like that, you’ll have to mixup your escape attempts. Otherwise, bet on the ones that move you away such as jumping and dashing.

But work harder on not getting into that situation in the first place. It’s the curse of grapplers to spend many matches getting chipped away on any attempt to get in