Countering E.Honda

Starting to get to me that I can’t find a way to counter these players. The pick all charge characters and just sit in the corner and use the flying headbutt, roll, psyco crusher as soon as you get close. And can block most of them but it’s frustrating when they do the same move over and over and over again. No combos at all, just the charge move. And especially with E.Honda. He can just sit there and when you try to cross him up, his flyin headbutt has priority or something. He just hits you, flips and stands there for the next charge. Anyone find a way around this? Also doesn’t help when there is lag :bluu:

Double low kick

I definitely feel you on this one. Honda can just sit and headbutt you all day against most characters. However, there are some counters to this. To help answer your question, you should post who is in your main teams. In the meantime, Ill give you a few (proabably obvious) tips, but I am kinda a newbie . I just picked the game up when it came out on XBOX live, but have spent a considerable time playing and anaylzing the game.

IMHO, Hibiki OWNS Honda. You can sit back all day and wait for those headbutts. When he does, you can use her counter move followed up by her qcb,db,f+p super, CC, or med slash move (fireball + punch). I assume any med counter will work as well. His buttstomp has a small window after he lands where you can hit him. I usually do d+lp,med slash move with hibiki after a blocked buttstomp, but this doesnt work all the time. may depend on the button used for the buttstomp, i dunno. U can also counter a blocked headbutt with her med slash move.

Also, with Bison I do lp psycho crushers from about 1/2-2/3 screen away, just for insurance. Shotos can throw fireballs, but u have to be carefull.

If I see a honda player is abusing the headbutt, you can also jump backwards and hit them on the way down if youre not directly landing into hondas head. Hibiki and Bison’s FK work great for this (you can tell Hibiki and bison are my faves =D).

Like I said, Im a noob. However, once I picked up hibiki, my Honda troubles stopped. I can usually take out all/most of a honda lvl2 with my level 1 hibiki. I think she happens to be honda’s counter char.

My main team right now is Cammy R2, Ken, Bison. But I think I’m going to sub out Ken soon for someone else. This huricain kick gets me into trouble too much. Might throw ither Kim or Athena into the mix.

Pick Athena, df that shit. No joke

any prizes?:smiley:
her dragon punch kick move to beat him out of it?
either that or the hcq kick move to punish him afterwards

Who gives a shit how she can punish it? She’s got that annoying crossup short… rush that shit down! Honda can’t deal with it.

Just dragon punch an incoming headbutt.

like… sagat, ryu, ken, etc. (anyone wit dp)

easy and simple.

repeatedly jumping backwards in a corner work well vs all of those charge moves. something about the priority of jumping backwards lets you stuff even blanka’s level 3 super as long as they are not right next to you.

If you play in C-Groove, punishing Honda’s headbutt is an easy matter. Jump backwards and block it, then do whatever to him. You can even jump back and hit him with something (jump fierce with Cammy, jump forward with Ken, whatever). Otherwise, pick fireball characters and just chuck them at him from the beginning of the match (vary the speeds) and if he wants to sit all day, he will lose. Certain characters can counter a blocked headbutt from the ground (Vice’s sleeve slash, Vega’s low strong, Hibiki’s slash move).

Once you knock this player down, beating him will be easy. Sweep him. A lot. Unless he’s completely stupid, he’ll stop headbutting eventually.

Roll through the headbutt, shoulder tackle from the other side. You catch honda while he’s still in the air and facing away from you.

No offense, but that’s a pretty bad way to deal with Honda. Any strategy where you depend on reflexes or evasive techniques (both in this case) will eventually get you owned. I think best way to deal with Honda is fireballs, funky high priority jumpins, and crossups.

I’m suprissed no one has mentioned the rapidfire jab method. If you go NUTS on your Jab button with your team, he can’t get through it. Also seeing as the person is constantly backing away from you, chances are they can’t take a close fight. Block it if you have to and try to do a rushdown on him.

Another tactic I’ve used and it works is what I call my patented ‘ole pass’. Get him to do the headbutt from the other side of the screen, and either jump backwards against it, roll it or whatever. Seeing as they always use the FP version he’ll fly until the screen makes him stop… cances are you’ve instantly cornered his ass… heh, proceeded in putting the pressure on him until his eyes fall out.

Yeah, but ur playing his game if u start jabbing. First of all you will get tired. He can just sit there and rest. Second, Honda doesn’t have to turtle necessarily. He has high priority splash which crosses up, great c. strong, good roll, and safe super. He can build an offense quite easily. He has all the weapons to do it. Finally, getting Honda cornered is the worst place you want him to be. There, you cannot cross him up.

Agreed. Do NOT corner Honda, you are just playing his game if you do. One exception is Chun-Li, who depending on which player you are and which side you are can cross up Honda (it’s retarded and I don’t know specifics, but it is a fact).

I really didn’t know Vega can do c. strong after his headbutt. That’s some nice shit. Lol. Also, did you guys know in CVS, Bison can punish a blocked headbutt with a LVL3 KneePress Nightmare? Lol. I thought that shit was like unpunishable.

Just pick Hibiki and out turtle him. He can’t jump on her, and a blocked headbutt is a free qcd+mp. She can poke at him like crazy too.

That’s about right. There’s nothing exceptional about Honda in CVS2. He feels weaker than he did in Super Turbo. If you’re thinking of using Honda, you’d be better off with Blanka. They both have a similar play style, but Blanka has better pokes, speed and range at the expense of damage (and it’s not a huge expense).

Once again, just pick Hibiki.:lol: That will solve all your problems.:cool:

more specifically

how can zangief counter if done close enough, his headbutt can even punish gief’s lariat. and im talking about a skilled honda user.