Countering evil ryu


Hi guys! Any veteran ryu players have any tips on fighting evil ryu? His main idea is tool touch me once…but tryin to find any alternative methods as ryu to shut him out…Also the dive kick equals nasty damage…any help would help warriors, thanks


You’d probably have to post some matches for people to see what problems you’re having. (I don’t have a lot of notes despite having played him multiple times now…)

If E. Ryu is fond of using axe kick in blockstrings and you predict it, you can reversal through it.

Divekick has to be blocked standing, but it has a poor hitbox.

If you see it coming, st. LK/st. HP/cr. HP anti-air will probably work well. (and DP, of course…)

Remember that blockstun on divekick is not that good when you block it at a high height. If they like to press buttons you should go for a reversal to make them think twice about continuing pressure.


So would zoning be best?


I wouldn’t know, I play Adon! I’m just telling you what I’ve noticed.

E. Ryu has 900 health, but that’s only a sweep’s difference away from Ryu’s 1000. His Hadoken is pretty much identical to yours…

It’d be easier to watch a match you’ve played and see what you’ve done wrong than play theory fighter.


U k it’s funny cuz I k adon bodies him hard n I play as it em at times


U k it’s funny cuz I k adon bodies him hard n I play as it em at times