Countering Ibukis neck breaker

Didnt play SF3, and I havent had much experience with it other than 1 match online.

Is it blockable? What is a proper way to counter/punish it.

jesus christ yes you can block it. you aren’t goddamned helpless, use training mode like 99.9% the other people here do.

Ibuki’s neck breaker needs to be blocked low and leaves her pretty vulnerable when blocked. It’s best to go into training mode and record the training dummy to do all versions of the neckbreaker then block immediately afterwards. Put the dummy on playback then test yourself to see what your character can do to punish it. In theory you should be able to punish with an Ultra since it’s -13 on block but I find that frame data questionable since it seems people were having a hard time punishing the Jab and Strong version of neckbreaker.

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OP yes it is blockable, its tricky cause it looks like a grab right? Just get used to switching between high and low blocks because Ibuki’s all about guessing how she’s coming to you.

I think some normals (like low kicks) can beat the HP MP LP versions of the low dash but I’m not sure, definitely something to try out.

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Yeah, on the general consensus that the only Ibuki player I played against did it up close, that was what I thought it was. A grab. So I just came and posted here just as a thought.

Sweet, bro. Thanks man.

guys how do I counter that thing ryu does where he spins around and kicks, I keep pressing buttons against it but nothing happens! can you even block it?


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It’s not so much the low hit that tends to catch people off guard, I think, so much as the fact that its hitbox seems to extend surprisingly far from her actual slide animation. I was walking up on an Ibuki a couple of times and thought I had more time to wait and block and I stepped right into it.

But yeah, it’s something that goes away fairly quickly from playing the matchup frequently enough. Eventually it will become much less of a problem to block and punish. Especially for Bison, who’s got that ninja bitch dead to rights. You live on borrowed time, worm!

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