Countering Rogues Power Drain

Me and a couple of friends have just started playing MvC2 on the 360. We all played the game a little bit in the past but now we are all getting pretty competitive with each other, using training mode for hours creating combos, watching videos online, and looking to learn the deeper mechanics of the game. One problem I’m having is countering my friends Rogue and her power drain. He likes using the power drain a lot (I can’t blame him) but, for the life of me, I can’t counter it. I’ve tried tech hitting (which I believe to do you hold your stick away from the enemy and press HK or HP) but it hasn’t worked yet. Is Rogues power drain invulnerable to tech hitting? Is there any other way around the move that I’m not seeing?

The move is unblockable so you can’t tech hit it’s just like Zangief’s SPD the best way to avoid it to either jump straight up in the air or use an AAA assist like Commando to really knock the person from using, you just to play against like any other Rushdown Character, and Assist away. Hope this helps

Well the problem is that he uses the power drain at the end of all his combos, so while I’m stuck in his combo I can’t do anything and he power drains me at the end. I was hoping there were some way to counter it but it looks as though I may have to anticipate his combos better…

Kill Rogue. Rogue can’t punish assists very well so assist him to death. Oh and don’t put in any character that gives Rogue speed up… seriously.

Power drain at the end of an air combo, unless you’ve got some extreme timing in order to throw them first, is unavoidable, I think. But it does less damage than finishing the combo other ways.

And it’s not just the speed up you worry about. If she gets a defense up, she takes less damage per hit than Sentinel.

Well then I’m pretty much screwed if he gets the power drain because I normally use Iceman / Hayato / Blackheart.

The way to avoid it then is to not get air comboed.

Lol, anything more specific?

Not really. But if you want to avoid the power drain, practicing your defensive skills so that there’s fewer opportunities to get air comboed into one is the way to go. She doesn’t have quite the rushdown mixup that Magneto or Storm have, but with an airdash and a divekick, she’s got a quite decent one. There are too many variables in a match to give many specifics beyond learning how to react quickly for which ways to block and how to break out of lockdowns with assists or whatnot, but overall it just takes practice and experience.

If A leads to B, and B leads to C, and you want to avoid C, you learn to avoid A.

Depending on how good your friend is you could put blackheart on point, use icebeam assist to push her back when she gets close and do standard blackheart super jump forward HK backdash HK rinse repeat. Backdash HP instead of HK if they get close in the air. Thats pretty much it. I think you can combo his kick super from a successful icebeam hit but I haven’t put iceman in with BH in a while.

Rogue can’t punish assists well? Wat?:rofl:

Not if his friend just started she cant

It came down to anticipating his rushes and using my Blackheart helped out a lot. Went two matches keeping him from power draining me for most of the match.