Countering Rushdown



i’m a fairly decent guile player, but recently i’ve been having trouble with people that rush down. i play fairly well once i have space to work with but once they’re in my face, i can’t seem to find a way to counter it. any suggestions?


Block, watch out for cross ups. Anti air.

But basically just block and wait for an opening.


You’re forgetting to say “tech throws.”


One trick I like doing personally is neutral jumping mk > > fk/sb depending if hits. Takes some practice to quick charge it but it’s extremely doable and works well when someone tries to tick throw you after a block string. Can’t do it all the time but it’s a nasty little trick that makes them second guess themselves. Also, look for gaps in their block string to FK FADC in. If they block, you’re safe, if they didn’t, you’re still safe, if it didn’t come out, stay careful because you just lost your charge.


I use this too, only with neutral jump HP. It doesn’t look it but it’s got an attack-box that hits below Guile just as deep as (if not deeper than) neutral jump MK, only neutral jump MK has more active frames.

In close-up situations this is also when I start to:
-use c.MP (same speed as c.LP only better reach & lots of active frames/priority. Cancel a hit/blocked c.MP into Sonic Boom for some decent pushout to c.MK range)
-backdash (I’m a backdash whore. Even if I get hit during the middle of it, during the airborne-frames in particular, it can screw-up my opponents combo/timing and I also have some time to charge FK during Guile’s aerial recovery)

And yeah like he said, keep your meter at 50% whenever you can. Gives you the ability to get out of this situation with FK FADC backdash. Even on block it creates a bit of distance between you and the opponent. When I’m not charged sometimes I even do gimmicky shit like c.HK (1st sweep) FADC backdash. If it hits then I can move away as my opponent is getting up from the untechable knockdown. If it gets blocked then I get a bit of space between me and my opponent during their block stun so I can possibly slip away. Sometimes using 50% of my meter to create even one-character length of space is well worth it to me by the end of the round.




Problem with that is that if your opponent expects this and they have a DP move, it will lead to a world of hurt.

I’m not saying it’s not a valid tactic (maybe online where lag prevails), but for people with crazy reactions, they WILL dp you out of the air.


FADC backwards is actually not very safe when some characters get ultra charged. Can be punished with ultras that have fast startup and goes forward like Chun’s U1, Dudley’s U1, Adon’s U1. I think Guile might get hit by EX GH too in this case. If you know they like to do this to you, you can FADC forward to bait their ultra.


Option selects will shut this tactic down immediatly.

Basic OS Crouch Techs (
Abel’s OS Ultra 2 (Breathless)
Fei’s OS Rekka/CW

Your best option (like BlueBlazer said) is just blocking. Simply blocking will automatically create space between you and your opponent by pushback.

To add on, what separates an average player from a very solid player is having patience and a near impenetrable defense.


I will add a good connection to be able to do late techs if you are planning to become a block master. To become this good, online sucks


thanks guys. looks like the best thing i could is to up my blocking ability haha