Countering Spiral



I wanted a more effective strategy when im fighting against a Spiral. Most of the time I really mess up and I end up getting pinned to the ground for a godly amount of time getting chip damage. The thing im really have trouble with is getting up to her… It’s hard to menuever sent around all her swords and he is always pumping out Sents ground assist or stopping me from jumping in with Cables AAA. My team is Sent/Strider/Doom. Any advice would help. :smiley:


use sent/storm/capcom

easy win

start sent just mash storm to control the ground then bait out her assists, then use commando to beat the shit out of anything and everything.

also learn how to guard cancel


Start Doom. The motherfucking Doctor is too good on that six armed fag hag.


Ey cHiCkEn, you live in Chicago? Where do you usually play?

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doom is not a bad answer to spiral

best answer is still sent/capcom


sents laser also goes through those cheap knives knocking spiral out of her circle of knives. cheap.:lol:


laser x fly xx unfly. repeat. add in some assists and commando. there, dead spiral.


you sure, teh laser counts as one hit. If spiral gets going, he has her initial middle sword(the 2nd one) neutralize the laser, then she has the 5th sword coming from behind it; as well as sent’s drones.

I think sent should be flying and calling capcom. Storm is a good call if you can get her out before she gets hit.

I remember playing fmj’s sent/doom/capcom. Doom comes out too slow and gets hit by the swords(so you need a good stall), capcom got the job done.


well it works for me. i mean if one of my lasers dont go through. im sure the next 10 will.


well. thats the thing tho… what kinda spirals do you go against?

if a sent just doesn c.fp, yes he netralizes 1 maybe 2 swords, but what are you gunna do about the other 4 swords and the drones coming at you? Block them? Thats exactly what a spiral player wants. If you try c.hp sj.canceling, spiral has the potential to knock you out of the air w/ either an assist or quickdrop+swords. you’ll halfta make use of fancy fly dodging in conjunction w/ a kickass assist… or just hit spiral during the recovery of her loading of swords


When Charlie did the sonic break super I did 1 c.fp with sent and it ate up every sonic boom he threw out as well as hitting him so yea… just because it counts as 2 hits max don’t mean it can’t neutralize just 2 projectiles max.


I’m not gunna try to get too into this… Sent’s c.hp may have more than 2 hits. but, against spiral, he better make sure he hits her. Spiral has other projectiles flying at him that *DONT get canceled, she has a sentinel meat shield, AND she has the ability to *BLOCK

he has to control the ground and air before she starts throwing.


didn’t say c.fp is gonna slaughter spiral by itself, just clearing up your confusion on the hit count.


all i know is sent owns that bitch spiral pretty good.