Countering the Hidden Missiles



Hey everybody. I run an X-23, Zero, and Akuma team, so I primarily play rushdown. Anyway, lately, I’ve been running into some teams that have the Doom Missiles assist, and whenever I get into a combo, I’m always getting knocked out of it by those missiles. What’s the best way to punish the Doom assist, or what can I do to avoid getting hit by them?


If the missiles are coming down on your combo, do a snapback to bring Doom in or throw them if they’re still on the ground during the combo. You can also quickly launch them in the air and go for a TAC. Fast forward movement can avoid the missiles also especially if you have moves during the combo that move you forward quickly.


I don’t really know what you can do with X-23 but with Zero just punish with level 3, or if you hit doom and want to combo use some moves that will screw up the tracking of the missiles like shippuga or lightning. And for Akuma, beam super xfactor beam super works pretty well.


It sucks to say, but it looks like your team doesn’t have any answer to missiles which doesn’t require spending resources or taking risks. If you had a beam assist it’d make the match up a lot easier. Maybe consider a counterpick team?


If they are tracking you outside of a combo, you can wave/plink dash away from them, use akuma beam super to punish doom, or just snapback doom and mix him up