Countering these moves?


I play Akuma and I play online a lot on my PC (so only Arcade Edition). I find I am slowly figuring out how to play against the popular characters like Ryu, Ken, Dudley, E.Ryu, etc. When I come to facing some of the lesser played characters I fall to stuff like moves that get repeated over and over or turtling characters like Guile. I try teching out of stuff, but must have the timing wrong because it just gets me in worse trouble. I am wondering if anyone has any tips on what I can counter with on the following stuff:

M.Bison: ducking kicks in scissor kick repeatedly
Blanka: the character in general. his dodging moves really throw me for a loop
T.Hawk: condor dive repeatedly
Zangief: lariat repeatedly
Guile: turtling
Rufus: messiah kick (air) repeatedly
Cammy: ducking kicks into cannon spike


Forgot one…
Yun: locking me down with repeated punches


You can slaughter Blankas who don’t know the matchup by using raging demon after blocking a roll. Blankas slide can be focused too.

Demon flip dive kick beats lariat in Ultra, not sure if that’s the case in AE because it’s been ages since I played it.

Against Guile jump in when you think he’ll throw out a sonic boom, his reversals not great.

Against Bison try neutral jump MK.

Against T-Hawk a blocked condor dive can be punished with fs. hk.

If a Rufus player is spamming divekicks just dp.

I’m by no means a great player but these things generally work for me.


Against Guile an important thing to note is that he is a charge character. So when he throws a sonic boom, he cannot flash kick or throw another boom until some time later. Use that to your advantage and go in harder after booms. He still has non-special move anti-airs, but you’ll at least have a better chance of not getting flash kicked without any effort.

In general you’ll want to mix up your options against him when he’s turtling.

When he throws a sonic boom you can:
lvl 1 focus (charge focus and let it go as the fireball hits you, then backdash)
block and do nothing
jump over and attack him with a normal (not too often)
block and walk forward and attack, or just jump straight up (don’t do it if he’s close to you, he’ll hit you out of the air)
demon flip over and attack with whatever option you want
jump up and throw an air fireball
throw your own fireball

So akuma has options against Guile’s zoning game to try and get in, which is what you want. You want to get in range to hit him with normals, and from there you should be able to do your best work.