Question…is it worth it on the arcades?Does RC cancel it out?

check the eagle advanced strats and tactics thread. eagle’s MP counter is the absolute shit. it absorbs RC moves like electricity, honda hands, chun li’s lightning legs, sakura’s fireball and hurricane kick, etc. just put the counter out when you see the RC, you’ll absorb the hits (which builds you tons of meter), then you smack them.

it’s pretty dope/funny how it works so well.

High counter is good against jump ins (obviously) it’s not an every tiem move, as you have, j.fp, c.fp etc… but in some situatons it’s great (ie if you are expecting a low jump you can throw it out in time to counter anything after you see them jump)

edit: rc in no way beats his counter.

I only thought rc beat out his counter because when i was using him in the arcades against someone (who was blanka)They rolled in and i did the meduim counter it registered i swung to counter and he rolled behind me at hit me.

Hmmm… im not sure what happened.