Hi guys. Do you like Counterstrike? Do you like forum games? What if both were to meld into one package for your gaming pleasure?

In the spirit of the Mafia, Arena, and MS Paint Whispers games that you may have seen here in the past, here’s the next installment.

Game info and sign ups are on JTM here:

The game will be run on JTM so that GD doesn’t have to suffer with the extra spam. Thanks!

P.S. “Meat, hype” could not have been better interpreted.

You forgot the most important selling point. There are no Russians.

There will be guns and knives, though. And bombs to defuse.

Two spots left! Deception, intrigue, murder. Choose from 3 maps: Dust, Aztec, or Inferno (so far the vote for which map to play on is surprisingly even).

Last bump, promise.


You guys interested?

what’s going on? don’t tell me I’m in!