Counting your SomerSALTS! A Jill Valentine Contest!

**Counting The Sprinkles in Your ’ Somer

** s

I’m challenging all of you Jill players to fit as MANY Somersaults into one combo as you can. However, there’s a catch, infact MANY catches that you have to abide by.
[]Must start the combo with Somersault
]You are allowed 1 assist.
[]You are allowed 2 Moves that are not somersault (excluding Feral Crouch and Feral Dash) in your combo.
]NO Xfactor is allowed
[]Number of Somersaults in your combo, and notation/video is needed in your response.
]Have fun! :slight_smile:
The person with the most Somersaults in their combo is probably going to get a nice LIVE point giftcard/PSN Giftcard. Good luck guys!

In the corner with some space between opponent and corner:
Somersault, 22S, Somersault, 22S, Somersault, 22S, Arrow Kick, H DKD, call Hyper Grav, 22S, Somersault, 22S, (Hyper Grav hits), Somersault, 22S, Somersault

(6 somersaults, 536,900 damage)

I hope I didn’t scare everyone off =(

When’s the due date?

Haha Me too.

I was thinking Halloween, but since I only got 1 response, I might push it to Sometime in November.

i gave this a shot

somersault, 9, jC, jS, s.C, 22S, somersault, 2369B, somersault, team hyper with Dante (you didn’t specify meter restrictions >_>), 22S, somersault, 22S, somersault, 22S, somersault, 22S, S(to cancel feral crouch), walk forward, 22S, somersault.

7 somersaults, ~ 815k damage?
A note on this, I think it is possible to hit the three somersaults during the dante super and one after, but I have only been able to do it once(i think. I’ll have to look back at the stream archives), mostly because I am a fraud and miss the 22S cancels. It may need a few more adjustments (mainly throw in some 2369B during Dante super) to make it more consistent / possible.
You can watch me try this (and other attempts) on and archives ( I started on the urchindi account, then started streaming on the freedemonia one)

Update: Never mind I’m a fraud and can only hit 6 somersaults :frowning:

I also think I can get more somersaults (or at least a slightly less fraudulent combo) , but I need more practice and time.

So, I was able to hit a 7 somersault combo using team hyper >_>

On sentinel in the corner

somersault, 22S, somersault, 2369B, somersault, 22Sm somersault, 9, A1+A2, somersault, 22S, somersault, 22S, somersault 22S

Hope you don’t mind me spamming the thread with what I am finding >_>’

Updated combo
in corner against sentinel,
somersault, 22S, somersault, 9, jC, jS, sC, 22S, somersault, 2369B, somersault, 22S, somersault, 9, A1+A2, somersault, 22S, somersault, 22S, somersault.

8 somersault (using 2 normals, 1 special, 2 bars >_>)

Here is my video to the Somersaults

the video for some reason made the first somersault look weird and quick but it still there

I was able to do 7 somersaults with Jill without any assist on Sentinel. I may have been able to do another on the last part.