Countries That Need Representation

Obviously there are so many countries and styles that aren’t represented in Street Fighter, as seen in this popular image:

But what I’ve always wondered is why there’s no Irish bareknuckle boxer. It’s such an obvious choice for a fighting game, especially a game called Street Fighter.

With the Irish FGC getting real popular I think it’s time an Irish bareknuckle boxer made his or her appearance in SF.

Make it a girl for extra points. SSF4 needs more punching females. Ball’s in your court now, Ono.

Also the difference between bareknuckle boxing and street fighting is that you don’t kick in bareknuckle boxing and you have rules just like regular boxing.

Okay, SRK, what other countries and styles deserve representation?

I KNEW there was something wrong with that map. Hakan’s not anywhere to be seen representing Turkey!

Oh wow, I just noticed, you’re right, Hakan’s missing…

didnt you made this exact thread a long time ago?

Really, this will have an impact, gain traction, and matters? Come on, nearly planet earth is represented in SF. Anything more would be being nitpicky.


No I don’t, that’s why it’s a discussion thread and not a petition thread. I’m just asking for other peoples’ opinions on what kind of styles or countries it’d be cool to see in a SF game.

Not one Canadian fighter in either Street Fighter or KOF.

Either Canada must really suck or Capcom is biased.

Hockey player?

I could dig it.

SF is a video game not the United Nations.

Maxima is Canadian.

let’s leave political corectness at the door when it comes to video games. We have 39 characters - plenty to choose from.

Where are the middle-eastern fighters or let alone African fighters?

Well obviously Capcom don’t and why should there be? How many boxing characters do you want in the game? If you want to represent every country you’re looking at around 190 characters, good luck balancing that.

Doesn’t really matter to me, I’ve never played a game and thought “wow, this is lame, there’s nobody represented from Luxembourg in the character select”.

Map was made before Hakan was announced

In my honest opinion, most players of Evo come from either Japan, United States (both of which are highly represented on this map) and Canada which clearly could use a character to represent the country. I think it would be nice to have another two or three countries represented to be honest but that would require new characters at this point. I would love to see at least one Canadian fighter and one more Caribbean fighter. Personally I live in The Bahamas and would love to see a fighter from here (probably make him DeeJay’s rival) but its more realistic to select from Cuba or something because of Castro.

PS. I did not know Abel was French… :S

I’m for a dutch char! xD

What happened when there was Japan, USA, China, Brazil, India, Thailand, and Spain?
FG’s have come a long way… Just sayin.

Canada and Australia have never been represented for some strange reason. They’ve always had representation in Virtua Fighter and Tekken…

40th character should be a Finnish drunken brawler. His animations would make him highly unpredictable!

Capcom thought that having the ability to blow yourself up and take the opponent with you was too op