Country side gamer and why I am playing the older ones


Greetings. I am a Gamer of the countryside and I tend to get bodied by the computer and various others. My computer is not powerful enough to play the latest and greatest games Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. It might not even play Street Fighter V. I have to get my fix of fighters from the older generations via the forbidden arts of emulation.

Don’t get me wrong, I buy lots of games on steam but any time I enter the online portion of a game like King of Fighters '98 Unlimited Match Final Edition or King of Fighter 2002 Ultimate Match or even Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (The only MVC that can run on steam and on my computer) the pool is barren.

Hence I am fighting against Computers. The Fighters of old are the only way I can get my fix like I said because my computer can handle emulation. I am weary of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary because it doesn’t have the Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper but I will buy it anyways to hopefully fight against humans.

I am also a weenie since my skills are a absolute joke. I mean, I tend to play as Shotos in Street Fighter because their inputs are easy to memorize. I tend to screw up on the deltas, the 720 Grabs, and a lot of other inputs. But somehow I can pull off Geese Howard’s pretzel easily on a pad first try.

I am planning on investing in a custom color “Astro City ArcadeShock joystick” soon as means to try their sticks out but I know I am going to get bodied in the end. I may as well be thankful for what I have at the moment.

So, is it possible to make do with what I have until I upgrade my machines several times over? Are there any games that are populated so I can test my mettle? Will I ever make it to EVO twenty years from now considering my inept skills that needs improving?

…I’m screwed here aren’t I?


Have you tried fightcade?! It’s the best platform to play old games with the best online play. Kof 98, 2k2 rooms are always packed with good skill players from all around the world and it’s completely free.


Fightcade… Huh. I will consider using it. Does it happen to be based off of the latest Final Burn Alpha? I will be posting my fights against the computer players in a personal SRK Blog soon as a sort of Fight Diary. Maybe if Fightcade can keep up with FBAlpha and Mame then I would consider using it.

Edit: Sorry, but Fightcade is considered a Trojan on my computer.


It’s a false positive turn off your anti-virus while you’re installing it.They use the same emulator and the same set of mame roms.

Here’s the website

Don’t want to discourage you but playing against the cpu is considered baby stuff here we all can do it. If you want to prove your worth you have to play against other players.