Couple A-Sak Questions

1 - what’s the optimal number of hits for her cc? I consistently do ~50 hits including the super. Is that good or am I doing the running uppercuts too fast?

2 - when you activate, is there some frames of invincibility?

3 - not really sakura related, but I can’t do bison’s scrapes. is the motion as fast as sakura’s? faster? slower?

thanks to anyone who replies :slight_smile:

  1. Mid 50’s-60’s is good. Sak’s uppercut is 6 hits - the last 2 connect after her feet leave the ground. So ideally, every repetition in ShoSho should be 4 hits.

  2. Yes. I don’t know how many, but you do get some.

  3. Faster IMHO. If you do the scrapes at ShoSho speed, the opponent will slowly fall down until you finally just miss them. I personally think the scrapes are easier, because you can do them faster and you don’t have to worry about timing as much, not to mention Bison doesn’t have a FB move so no accidental fireballs.

Painting the fence is slightly slower than sakura’s shoshosho. Both using fierce.

the problem that i run into with bison’s scrapes is that i sometimes motion his head stomp (well, the punch version, whatever that’s called). i just gotta practice it a little more.

i’ve heard people say bison’s is faster, and some people say it’s slower. i find it about the same? :rolleyes: but sakura’s is easier imo cause if you screw up you can still continue with a different variation of the combo.

thanks to the people who replied

I like to think of Sakura’s a-groove is like repeated QCF motions, pressing punch at the DF position.

Bison’s a-groove is repeated Dragon punch motions. You do the full motion of the dragon punch. It’s slower then Sakura’s. You won’t get the d+u punch move if you do it this way.

For both bison and sakura, the DP’s can be done the same, the first is an actual Dp, then keep the flow with QCF’s.

With Bison, you can’t hit the back direction, or else you’ll get a psycho crusher. Sakura is a little more forgiving in this regard.

Like box said, if you can learn to do individual uppercuts with bison, you’re better off. That way, you’ll get it reliably and likely on both sides.

I’ve never been able to do it by QCF. I try, but I only get about 3-4 uppercuts before Sak does her fireball. I have to do individual uppercuts. Maybe I’m hitting fierce too slowly?

it all depends on which button u use for the uppercut moves, and how fast you do it. and some people have an easier time doin it faster, and some find it easier to do it slower.

u can do sak’s cc with, and the speed at which u do it is like iori’s gc combo.

u can do the cc like amir, who i think does the dp.hp a little faster than normal, but it still hits around 50 something. if u do it at this rate, i think u can use the same timing for bison’s cc, using

if u can do sak’s cc normally and get all the hits, then u can use the same speed to do bison’s cc with dp.hp.

but for bison, i think u can do it a LITTLE slower than sak’s.

I have found that doing bison PTF is a lot easier if you do the complete DP motion. When doing the motion it should be Activate DP motion Netural Dp motion Netural repeat Knee Press Nightmare. That was how i learned to do the PTF