Couple Dumb Questions



Zugai Hasatsu aka F+MP aka chop. On the 3s wiki it says

Does this also work in defending vs raging demon? Including if from behind?


Taunt HP+HK

It says one is the maximum pump, but I have some specific questions about it.

  1. Does it get used on block/chip damage as well? And/or is it used up then?
  2. If damaged (hit/blocking) before taunt pump is applied attacking (before you attack hit or blocked) does the pump remain? If you are in startup frames before hit frames does that affect anything?
  3. When does taunt pump activate? After completion of entire frame sequence? When first activated? Somewhere in the middle?
  4. If No to #1 or #2, does the pump remain?
  5. Once the taunt pump is used/goes away, can I activate another separate one in the same round? If so, am I limited to how many times I can reset it each round?
    Sorry if these questions are worded weirdly, having hard time explaining specifically what I mean.


Demon flip slide aka Hyakki Gouzan aka During F, D, DF+K (No Input)

I know that often you can be thrown out of this move, or late SRK wakeup or whatever. And it’s somewhat unsafe and bad on recovery even if you have some meaty red fireball on their wakeup to combo with it. So I was wondering, would it possibly be safer/better or just have alternative options to use demon cancel with a K and do C+MK or C+HK instead of the slide? Can you still be thrown? or wakeup SRK? Any pros or cons?

It’s hard to read the frame data and add it together since there isn’t really any on the empty demon flip (cancel) + whatever normal versus the slide.

Is there a video of the kara UOH and what are it’s uses?


2:55 of this Option select video it describes SGGK.

I have been using standard F+MP-LK+LP kara throw for a long time which often option selects a parry/hit instead of a throw, however whenever I have tried to do the down/crouch tech thing first, I always get a hadouken instead. Is there a trick to this, or can you just not do it with akuma?

PS- Fuck yang. What are your best tricks to use on Yang?


Afaik there’s no reason for it not to include both those situations, but I wouldn’t think of this move as a defense against grabs.

Not sure about #1 but if you get hit after your PA you lose the damage bonus. I think once the screen shakes and he says “metsu” is when you get the bonus, but either way you need the PA to complete cause if its interrupted you’d lose the damage bonus anyway. Other than that you can use it as many times as you want in a match. One last note is that there is no damage bonus for throws.

In my experience you don’t really get thrown out of this move. In fact, throwing as a defense against demon flip is not something I’ve really seen or would recommend. The options you described would not come out as fast as the slide, and doing would be just as dangerous. I have seen some players time this so the slide hits meaty and is safer tho so you could try that, but it kind of eliminates any mix up factor from the demon flip.

Not to my knowledge. I’d imagine you’d be able to do some of the same cool things with Ken, like a non meaty timed kara UOH into srk vs Chun. I haven’t really seen it used much.

Practice returning your stick to neutral when you attempt to parry low before your kara throw. That should prevent the hadou, and it will also give you a wider window for your parry attempt. Goukis SGGK is not very good imo.

There aren’t many tricks to beating Yang. He’s arguably one of Goukis most difficult matchups with good reason. His small size and fast walk speed make it easy for him to dodge air fireball, duck under tatsu, walk under demon flip, etc for big punishes. Your offense has to be simple because a lot of the stuff you get away with against bigger characters will lose you the match really quickly here. If you don’t have perfect hit confirms you should by now. Remember Yang has low stamina too so you don’t need to land a bunch of hits either.

Defense wise, don’t get anxious while blocking. It’s better to take a combo from zenpo tenshin or a throw than a regular mantis slash combo. His overheads don’t really pose much of a threat either. Also notice how Yang often ends up within your kara throw range after his block strings. This can be a good move to interrupt his offense.

Defending against dive kicks is difficult even with experience. Your priority should be stopping lk dive kicks in close range. These are simple to defense against but probably the most dangerous. Shoryu, HP, c.HP, even close RH can all be very good moves in this situation. Avoid attempting to parry dive kicks out of desperation, or parrying after a blocked dive kick out of desperation (especially if the Yang lands with some space away from you).

Study Zabi and Match vs Yang for more ideas.