Couple good questions about Guile


  • What has more range? close + hard kick or forward + hard punch ??
  • What is the actual charge time for his sonic boom?
  • What’s his most damaging combo off like say off a whiffed SRK at close range?
  • Which anti-air attack is best on jump-ins? back + medium punch or crouch hard punch ??
  • Which is his best air-2air? jumping medium kick or jumping hard kick ?
  • Who are some of Guile’s worst match-ups?
  • What are some common mistakes most make with Guile
  • What is usually overlooked by Guile players? (a player not doing something he/she should with Guile.


Mods please delete thread. The answers for these questions are posted in other threads. OP needs to read stickied threads to find the answers to his questions.


Correct. They are listed somewhere in the 712394782039487012398472 pages of the stickies, but this should be common knowledge to a guile main, so why not ask it?

Although, he probably should have just asked in the FAQ thread.