Couple of questions about cross up psycho crusher on wakeup (SSF4)


Hi all:) any advice on how i can reliably practice bisons cross up psycho crusher on opponents wakeup? it seems that in training mode attacks done as the dummy is rising just get blocked, is there any way i can tell if my timing is correct in training mode?

Also, will a correctly timed crossup p.c still get stuffed by someone mashing srk on wakeup?

many thanks.


Just time it when your opponent get up… Note: every character wake up are different… I like to do psycho crusher right when my opponent hits the ground it will catch them unsuspected, however if your opponent is smart this trick will not work all the time. And no your opponent won’t be able to DP out of it if you timed it right.


There’s a few things you can do to help test this out in training. But If you’re just trying to test the timing of a meaty crossup PC, then the training dummy blocking on wakeup is enough.

You can also have Bison be the training Dummy and just record a knockdown > Meaty P.C. You can also test out the P.C. tech trap after a knockdown. (which of course they can’t block.)


There are a lot of setups to do crossup PCs - after ultras, after throws, after 1 hit - learn them all.

Like others have said, record the dummy as Bison and block it yourself.