Couple of questions concerning EVO events

  1. On the website there is a contradiction between the pool play. One page ( says that the top 4 in each pool advances. However, this page ( says top 2 advance. I’m assuming since the schedule was posted most recently that is what the answer is, but a comfirmation would be nice.

  2. Assuming it’s top 4, that would mean it’s a double elimination pool? Meaning an 8 man pool, 2 in winners and 2 in losers?

  3. Say I make final 8 in a game. If I go to Vegas, will I have to register and pay AGAIN for the entry fee? Or do I just pay the $20 venue fee?

I’m sure there are some other unanswered questions, and this being the week of EVO West, the sooner the answers the better.

  1. Top 4 is for Evo West/East. Top 2 is for Evo World Finals
  2. Yes, 2 winners and 2 losers. The size of the pool will be 1/8th the total number of people in the tournament.
  3. We’ll waive the $10 fee for the tournaments you qualify in.

Thanks for the answers, just one more question.

Are there going to be prizes aside from the byes to the semi finals at EVO West/East for those who make top 8?

At EVO West/East, top 8 receive a bye, and top 3 placers also win cash.


"East and West coast qualifying tournaments will award cash prizes to the top 3 (three) places at a rate proportional to the number of attendees. Ten dollars from the registration fee of each participant will go into a tournament prize pool, which will be awarded to the top 3 finishers at a 7/2/1 split. For example, if 150 people enter the Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament, the total prize pool for that tournament will be $1500 ($150 x 10), paying out $1050 to first place (70% $1500), $300 to second place (20% of $1500), and $150 to third place (10% of $1500).

In addtion, the top finishers of the East and West coast tournaments will receive a bye to the semi-finals round in the World tournament in Las Vegas."

Good luck.


Might as well post my question here…

  1. The schedule for Evo West says that 3rd Strike will start on 7 PM Saturday. As of now, around 80+ people have registered for 3S. Considering the late start time, will 3S be able to get down to the final 8 in a reasonable time without changing the 2/3 format to 1 game only? Or should we expect to stay in the tourney hall till like 4 AM or get ready for single games per match?

Yes. 3S should finish in a resonable about of time.

I had no idea about this rule, so I registered and paid for both Evo East and Evo Vegas today. Since I am going to qualify in 3rd Strike and Guilty Gear, will I be able to get a $40 refund after I qualify for the respective games at Evo East?

you would get $20 back (10 for 3s, 10 for ggxx) you would still have to pay whatever cover charge.

Right, I just said $40 since I paid $30 for my GGXX team, I would get $20 back and then each of my teammates would get $10 back.


I got top 8 in mvc2, but I’m not sure if I can make it Sunday, am I still qualified for EVO vegas?

I can’t say for sure, but as long as you were in top 8 already i don’t see why they would take it away, maybe some player that is going will check for you.