Couple of questions for HFS3 and HEX2

Hey guys,

I just wanted to know what proper buttons work with the Hori Ex2 and Hori Fighting Stick 3 before I get some over at Lizardlicks this week. Also, how do you cut out those circles precisely without using scissors lol?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s a tutorial on modding the Ex2. It’s the same exact stick as the DoA4 stick. Click here. The two sticks use Sanwa OBSF-30s or Seimitsu PS-14s. Some people had great results using Seimitsu PS-15s but I don’t think LL has them. TRNG has them but the shipping will be ridiculous unless you put in a big order.

I personally like using snap-ins over screw-ins, because of the hassle of sometimes having to sand the nuts so that the buttons can fit next to each other without problems.

The best stick to use is the Seimitsu LS-33 due to its small size internally.

k kool.

Just out of curiousity though Tetsu, what PSN-14 model is it lol? PSN14-DN, GN, KN 24 or 30mm. And LL has the PS-15s but they only come in green or pink.

Is there a major button feeling between Sanwa and Seimetsu?

Do you know how to cut the circles properly though? I dont have that big drill press you push down and it makes a nice big hole for you. lol

Thanks again