Couple of questions(General and Cody Related)



Ok so I just started playing Cody and SF and had alot of questions that I dont feel like posting in the newbie section.
-What are some of cody bnbs(cant find any thread thats not completely outdated)
-What are his fadc uses/comboes
-How should you go about fighting characters with command grabs
-If everyone in the game has AA does that mean no one is supposed to jump?
-What are frame traps?
-What are cody’s frame traps?
-Should everything be plinked?

Any additional tips or advice would be appreciated thanks.


cr.lp, cr.lp, -> HP CU or MK ruff and, cr,lk -> hp CU are his standard hit confirms

cr.hp -> HP CU is an easy punish combo for beginners

Hk ruff/Ex Zonk/bad spray FADC U1

zone out grapplers with rocks and fakes and AA if they jump in with

He has a lot of FTs but gives him the most frame advantage out of his normals I also like to FADC blocked CU and do s.hp. If its a CH, you can combo into cr.hp and even U2

Cody has very easy execution so plinking isn’t that necessary. Although he does have some 1 frame combos which should be plinked such as,, cr.hp -> Hp CU which has two 1 frame links

Here is a link to a tutorial on cody [media=youtube]b8LPd5QB1IM[/media]
Hope this helps


Thanks ill be checking that out!