Couple of stick questions

Hi guys/girls

I’m Robin from the Netherlands and have been a SF fan since I was 8 yrs old (16 years ago already :lol: )

I’ve read a lot on this tech forum but I still got a few questions I’m hoping to be answered:

1 I’m planning to play SF2T HD Remix on ps3, but I dont own a ps3 stick (yet), just a modded SFAC stick. So my first question is, do I need the PS button featured on ps3 controllers/sticks when I’m playing online? If not, I guess the cheapest solution for me would be a Pelican convertor.

2 In one thread two members agreed a modded hori fs3 stick is better than a modded hrap3. Why is this? Button layout? Size? The hrap3 is way more easy to mod (just the buttons), so if I would buy a ps3 stick that one would make more sense to me.

3 Is it easy to mod the buttons on the hrap3 (with Sanwa buttons)? Do I need any tools?

Thanks a lot!

  1. the pelican converter DOES have a PS button, so there is no ‘if not’.

  2. im not sure why they think fs3 is better. its smaller. maybe its because of the lower price, since you end up modding the hrap anyway?

  3. you basically need a screwdriver. if im correct, its the same as modding the hrap 2. the only tools you need are for taking things apart, and putting them back on.

If I’m not mistaken the FS3 is a bit more difficult to mod and it requires modifying the case((Because the Sanwa stick wont fit otherwise.)) whereas the Hrap 3 is just unscrew the bottom plate an replace the parts and youre ready to go. But if you have a AE stick then I believe youre ready to go with the PS2-PS3 adapter. Hope that helped.

Well if your sfac stick plays on ps2, than get a pelican converter. Personally i hate hraps anyway. And those FS3 arent all that great.

A couple of questions equals two, not three.

Whoever said the FS3 was better than a T5/HRAP/1/2/3 must have been under the influence of some pretty strong stuff.

In my opinion, there is no better arcade stick (excluding some customs) than the HRAP platform, including Sega’s handsome VSHG. My only gripe with the HRAP is it’s base is kinda tall and bulky, unlike the VSHG. My only grip with the VSHG is the button and stick placement is a little too low for my liking. If only the VSHG and RAP could breed…

Here’s how they rank

  1. HRAP 1/2/3
  2. VSHG
    11 FS3.

The could could breed, if someone makes it as a custom stick. Hori lost my vote once i start gettin custom sticks. And i prefer an all american FTW!

Alright, Pelican convertor it is then. And maybe sometime a hrap3/hrap3sa, just to have a Sanwa stick besides my happ sfae stick. Thanks for the help!