Couple questions about the Ranking Battle tournies

sup guys, i wanna host bi weekly(or monthly) ranking battles at ctf.

i was wondering what the ffa guys think of this, i m not kissing ass…BUT we would be biting off those who brought the idea to the US…
also, “ranking battle” is a standard ass name i wanna use for the events. basically i m looking for some kind of approval so we don t get heat(from shogo too, since we d be hosting vids and keeping a point system).

i d like for you guys to think “good for them” instead of “these fuckers are ripping us off” since we re likely to see each other again at some event. friendly relations~
feel free to leave any thoughts on the topic.

so couple questions now…

  1. can someone explain the point system?
  2. rules are single character, single elimination, single game right?

good luck to everyone at EVO

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I dont see why u need my approval/permission to run ranking battle tournaments…I think we need more guys like you to go out there and get as many players from the SF community to get into it…since Apex doesnt mean much anymore, I thought this was another way to get people interested in 3s tournaments

Man I totally ripped off the idea from the Japanese SF community…and I mean I ripped off EVERYTHING…points system, announcing, hell, we even have american head 2 head cabinets

Points system is simple
1st place gets 10 points
2nd place gets 7 points
3rd place gets 5 points
4th place gets 3 points

As for the rules, again I totally ripped off the idea from the Japanese (they really know how to throw awesome tournaments)

For 3rd Strike I chose:

  • Single Elimination
  • 1 Character for the entire tournament
  • You can change your super after each game
  • No Seeding

I’ve noticed with this type of set up, the player(s) can get real nervous, even before they go up to play…I think its a great way to get the players to deal with tournament jitters…no one wants to lose their first match, so everyone plays their best to win each round

Make the entry fee real cheap too…so everyone doesnt feel like they have to dish out their entire wallet to goto ranking battles…I made it $1 per player…winner take all…I added the Xbox prize just to be sweet

Japanese Ranking Battles are usually weekly, so I try to do it weekly too…but since its summer and there are some big tournaments out there that people would like to goto, I would either cancel it or hold it one day before the big tournament

You dont have to follow these rules…KSK’s Ranking Battles are kinda different…when they get the top 8 players, they re-do the brackets and change from 1 game to best 2 out of 3 and u can change ur character when u lose

If Ranking Battles arent enuff…then try running Game Newton Style 2on2 team tournaments…just go out and get the players to go to these tournaments and have fun

Good Luck! :tup:

thanks for the ok.

flash can do our commentary, CTF_RANBAT_1 coming soon

good now we’ll have some east coast flava to watch while we somke cali-weed… look forward to it, much goodness in store i’m sure.

be nice if sanford annouced it with flash as a duel commentary since they have very different opinions and opposite mannerisms. kind of like the WPT annoucers… i forget there names.