Couple Questions Magneto + Roms + connecting Hyper/Magnetic etc

Ok I got a couple questions,

  1. When doing magneto’s regular combo, launch,lp,lk,lp,lk,hypergrav,magnetic tempest. What’s the key to making hyper-> magnetic connect? I noticed that if I use an assist like psylocke then,launch and magneto’s stomach is lined with opponents feet, it would usually work, is this how it is? or is it more timing? Any tips to making it connect better would help.

  2. What’s the easiest infinite rom to do with magneto? and I noticed addf? what exactly does that mean? (add forward, or dash forward?)

  3. I watched in the trailer, there was a magneto combo, where he did somethign…hypergrav->magnetic tempest, continued combo in air,dash upwards,continued combo,hypergrav,magnetic tempest. Anyone know the full combo for this? being a bit specific with lk,lk would be nice.

I was lurking a bit and I didn’t miss the last rom thread, but I didn’t understand


1)Hyper GravxxTempest is faily easy with some practice. Make it all one motion. HCB(Swing once) and then HCF(Swing again the other way). My advice is to just practice, everything takes time. As for starting the combo, it can go any way. psylocke hits,,, HG. Be creative and unpredictable

2)The easiest ROM infinite to start with is, launch, lk (pause), ad df, (keep holding down on the joystick down) lk, mk, land, repeat. If the opponent is too high, this means you need to pause for longer. Again, practice is the key to mastering it. Bigger, and smaller characters require different timing, say ROMing sentinel would mean the pause is faster, whereas servbot slower. Its also a good idea to add the mk (launch, sj. lk, mk, ad df, down+lk, mk) to make the pause easier. Delaying the mk will also make it easier. Ad df means “air dash, down foward”

Okay, comboing after the tempest takes practice as well, there is a pause where you can attack the opponent after the tempest, and continue the air combo after with another tempest. Note that you can only ad uf (air dash up foward) once until you hit the ground. Remember, when mag puts his arms down after the tempest quickly hit the opponent with a lp. Practice all these techniques with doom, its a bit more easier

lining up has little to do with it. just make sure you cancel the hg as soon as you do it. the HG should look like two circles when you’re charging up for the super. just cancel it faster.

easiest infinite for magneto is one of these…

  1. rom on medium sized characters (cable, storm, magneto, cyclops, etc)
  2. most of the jumping infinites on standing sentinel (, lk, hp, hk, land, repeat, but things get harder with ones like, sj, lk, adf, lk, lk, hp, hk, land, repeat, but not much harder)
  3. the jumping infinite on sentinel (j.lp, d+lk, lp, lk, land, repeat)
    addf = air dash downforwards… so you’re air dashing in a down forward direction… adf = air dash forward… adb = air dash back… etc etc etc.

launcher, sj, lk, lk, hg xx tempest, lp, lk, aduf, lp, lk, hg xx tempest. = super jump low kick.

periods designate where motion and attack are seperated… so… = down + light kick
sj.hp = super jump + heavy punch = tri jump + heavy kick = air dash down forwards + light kick
sj.hg = super jump + hypergrav

so on so forth

I can cancel HG with magnetic tempest no problem. I just can’t seem to catch them in the air after c.hp, ^lp, lk, mp, mk. They fall to lw or the HG goes no where near them. Any advice anyone?

Edit: Ok I’m getting the hang of it now. For anyone else out ther with timing problems, this is a nice way I’ve found that works more concistantly.

After the launch, do the first sj.lp, reasonably slow. Then pick up the pace with the next two and buffer the, sj,mk into the half circle(instead of all 4 mention somewhere on the board), then quickly activate the HG. All I need to do now is add the MT.

projectiles moves during the super start up that’s why it comboes when it usually wouldn’t.

So just cancel out of the hypergrav as soon as possible (after it’s come out).

It’s not that reliable though because you can mash out of it.

Solo multi-MT combo for me is:

c.hp ^ sj.lp HG xx MT sj.lp sj.d+lk adu/uf sj.lp HG xx MT

Depending on how much health they have left, I’ll do another sj.lp sj.d+lk HG xx MT, or DHC into Hailstorm. For some reason, it’s harder for me to do HG xx MT after a magic combo that didn’t start off a launcher (c.hp) or air dash. It’s probably that I find my rhythm more easily after those two instead of just doing a magic combo after MT.

BTW: It’s not worth doing (sj.lp sj.d+lk pause) before the standard magic combo.