Couple quick questions about building a stick?

I have a spare 360 SE stick, and instead of just modding it, maybe I’ll gut it and use the parts in a custom stick. I have bad woodworking skills, but I think I can remember enough from my ninth grade cabinetry class to pull something off. Just have a few questions:

  1. How thick should the top be for sanwa screw in buttons?
  2. where’s the most convenient place to mount the PCB? Top or side? Figure the bottom should be clean so I can easier open it up.
  3. thinking all wood. Are there any types to avoid? Stuff like plywood its a bad idea I’m sure, but any other things to avoid?
  4. any other general tips that might not be obvious to a newbie?

Not sure what exactly I’ll build. Leading contenders are either a hitbox-style device or a Happ stick. Not sure about that yet. I want the actual parts of the case ready to go first.

Now that I’m thinking of it, a MK stick may not be a bad idea either, but that’s not relevant.

Slagcoin is your friend.

Actually, there was a really good plywood stick made a while back


Most people like PCB up on top panel. Makes wiring it easier. I did this panel from the top:

Project GiantSword does from the side, though. You can do from the side if you’d like it, too.

A lot of people like MDF to paint their case, but always wear a respirator if you’re going to work with MDF. Poplar is another good option if you want to paint it. As far as other woods go, you’re on your own if you want an exotic wood, because there’s a lot of types of wood to use. Just know first how hard the wood is, and adjust your woodworking accordingly.

Sanwa OBSN-30 (Screw in-type 30mm Sanwa buttons) screw in well for things with 13mm or less of thickness. The 24mm counterpart screws in for things less than 11mm of thickness.

Final piece of advice, read EVERYTHING on

Found a jewelry box that should be EXCELLENT to put a stick in.

One random question, maybe someone would know. On the madcatz pcb, does left + right = neutral?, or both inputs simultaneously? I plan on buying a PS360 PCB at some point but for now, it’ll just be the madcatz one, so whether I do a real stick or a pseudo-hitbox depends on the left-right thing.

Madcatz TE PCB allows for SOCD being. PS360 is not for sale anymore. PS360+ will come out sometime in Q3.

Cthulhu doesn’t allow for SOCD, but it can’t prevent SOCD on other PCBs that allow it.

I have a batch of customs made of plywood laying around. But I wouldn’t recommend it to newbies, nor would I recommend working with exotic woods for your first stick. Just use maple / poplar; MDF can be very messy, too. For further information:

Could you please post a photo? I’m just curious xD! Also, is the top stable enough for putting in a stick?

Btw: I often use the sides. But it really depends on how much space is left on the sides and it also depends on the material the top panel is made of. Lately, I’m using aluminium top panels, so I have to mount PCBs on the side.