Couple reasons why games should be played on head 2 head set ups(specifically 3s)

  1. Listening for inputs.

From what I noticed, alot more people are doing this now, its something that wouldn’t exist on “Head 2 Head” set ups, this might not sound like a big deal but please consider Head 2 Head set ups.

  1. Having to listen to distractions from the other player(such as inputs).

Its scrubby but some players will flare their arms all about making a ton of noise that would otherwise be unseen in the corner of your eye or be just a mumble. Some players take advantage of this so please consider.

  1. Hand watching.

Some people do this, it wouldn’t exist on Head 2 Head set ups.

  1. EVO should be equal conditions for all players.

People travel from far…and to deal with BS like the above 3 reasons suck donkey balls. Head 2 Head also lets opponents have time to cool down so they can at least COUGH look at the other person when its over. Leave on a better note with the other player and the tourny(EVO being console, it was the player’s own controls, so thats their problem, throw your joystick).

Outside the US, its almost always been this way, its starting to pick up in American tournies and I definetly think an event as large as EVO should have this feature.
Set ups would resemble a cafeteria table with TVs facing opposite sides, both players on each side. To run a clothe/board between them would be optional.

You’d need a TV with video out or a vcr, even a couple set ups would be good

C mon guys, its trendy. i m new, don t flame me:confused:

Headphones and some music. Works wonders.

Not having people on head 2 head means they don’t shake hands?

Fuck, I shake hands after every tourney match I play, even if I get my ass handed to me.

I do like the idea. Sounds boss.

that would be a kickass setup, hella hard to do on console though. for the record i am against console tourneys (yes this is biased :lame: ).

Well, while you may not like console tournaments, they’re necessary. It’s impossible to run a big tournament like Evo and only use like 2-4 arcade cabinets, and since there’s so many games, and so many potential problems, consoles are a sacrifice that need to be made.

You’ve pretty much listed all the points that make H2H better than standard cabs. Not to mention less cramped and if youre in a huge arcade like the ones in japan - its way easier to organize in rows.

The problem is that US arcades suck anyway, and Evo is on console. The players at least seem to sit far enough away from each other that to actually try to care about what the other player is doing is impractical. Plus the general ruckus and such should drown out listening for inputs…
But that wont change peoples dirty tricks. It is inevitable. You won’t change them and you won’t be able to change the fact that h2h is never much of an option for arcade operators - they would have to import them.

Best suggestion is what has been posted before, try to deal with your own problems and live with what theyre doing, even if theyre dirty bitches.

Though personally, I dislike it when the people slam into the cab pretending to hit a button, when they’ve got you “figured out” like you’re somehow listening in on what theyre doing as opposed to them just falling into patterns and getting beat for it. All it does is distract me as they flail around, goddamn that shits annoying.

I’m inclined to agree to this suggestion. Playing H2H let’s me zone out completely anything that’s around me and just focus on the game that’s directly in front of me. It’d be nice to see this option taken into consideration.

what he said i take my mp3 player to every tourney and blast it

some people GASP
only wanna hear the game

Then buy the DVD. :stuck_out_tongue:

IMO it’s just a lot of people starting to fall into this whole ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ mentaliy: lets play h2h, lets play single elim, lets be like SBO, I for one do not want to just take ‘be like everyone else’ as the answer to our problems, in fact it just causes more problems. Adding double the equipment, and all this wiring, to solve things that weren’t even considered problems before people started looking for excuses to say why other places are better.

I’m all for solving things that are actually problems, i’m not for calling things problems when they really weren’t or were solved already by being on console.

FMJag- you can see all of that just fine in the game

lets go into the benefits it promotes in game since we ll get into it anyway.
on us set up and jap set up, which set up helps focus easier on sight alone(without noise or visual distractions from other player)? knockdowns?

lets get real scrubby here, look at daigo vs justin vid, in the end daigo would of still came out ontop, but maybe he would of shook justin’s hand afterwards?
of course daigo has alot of focus so things played out the way they did, but suppose someone else who can parry the same shit in the same situation got distracted cause of that BS, is that fair?


If hand watching and listening for inputs gives you such a big advantage, why don’t you just do it to them? That would even out any balance issues a non-H2H setup brings.

cause such a large event should be equal conditions with people playing their best, crowd noise isn t something that can be controlled, but the person that counts can be(by moving them).

some people like to play the game the way it was meant, these other factors can be eliminated.
you know who gets the mixed bags? asians from asia, some straight out like the advantage of listening, some hate having to hear the other

I would have more respect if someone just walked away in both situations, at least they would be consistent. I wouldn’t know what to say your scenario, I would probably be in shock that someone could be so childish, ‘i’ll be friendly if it’s H2H, but not side by side’, can we just ban those ppl now and save everyone the trouble?

As fair as the crowd behind them, lets ban the crowd too, after all it is a distraction. In fact the only reason daigo won is because of the crowd counter distraction power, And how fair is the fact that a yun placed higher than them both?? I mean i agree there are lots of things that can be improved, but i don’t think it’s as serious as ppl make it out to be,

The only reason it’s taken seriously is because of the idea ‘japan uses X, japan is better, X is better’… somehow that never applies to the good ideas tho, like getting 100x as many players as we have now. But cut our tournament equipment in half to solve phantom problems?? Sure Lets Do It!!!

SF was meant to be played side by side, H2H is a specialty cab and/or a scam to sell two cabinets so together they can be less effective than one.

FMJ- why d you edit your first post? my response was to address what you were saying.
don t try to brush off what i m saying as insignificant by imitating a childish scrub, i never made my points that way and you ve shown to be misunderstanding me from the beginning in your first post, your only understanding from an american whos been in the US, and your responding like a typical american.

what were you saying in the first post? something along the lines of
"having them across the room doesn t make it intense, i need to know if they re nervous and you can t do that on non h2h set ups"

how sf should be played? have you ever even played outside the US? h2h IS different. even back in 1992 when i was in korea, they had h2h set ups everywhere, why? cause people want it and ask for it, theres no big science to it, its just better in everyway.
i m not some nut hugger saying “o, this is why they re better than us” either.
h2h cab is a scam? o gosh…

I hear that handshaking is a mostly American custom anyway (or at least not Japanese). I once met Hideo Kojima and, when I tried to shake his hand, he looked at me funny before offering his hand.

Cut up a cardboard/wooden box and place make a divider with it, then put it between the two players. BAM! H2H.

I didn’t like the way my first post was, i often edit my posts a few times before i like them, you just happened to be on in this case.

As for the tangent, i think it’s funny that the new ‘typical american’ response is to call everyone else a typical american.: “Everyone is such a typical ignorant uncultured american, well except of course me”.

Sure if sega or whoever dropped 1000 cabs and wanted us to play H2H in tournaments across the nation i might be more open minded. But your basically talking about HUGE changes , when half the problems you talk are mostly just made up in hindisght. I never see people complaining about these problems outside the context of ‘I want H2H cabs’, in fact when the argument was used to support console play, those reasons were hated on. I mean if you want to hide, buy my headphones, and sit in a big box where noone can see you, all the benefits of H2H, and noone that wants a true fighting game experience is denied the option to play side by side

good luck with that at a big tourney

judging from your first post and what your saying now, its useless to debate.
fine, lets talk about how h2h is different and why its better?

and i wasn t saying “typical american” to make you look bad, you showed that you didn t understand the differences in the first post(my guess is cause you never had the chance to) so i was pointing out you should hear me out before trying to brush me off like you did, you sounded like you were saying its basically the same, when its not.

true tech- now that someone is speaking on the other fence you come out with something to say, please sit down, only things your familiar with is .wmv, .mpg and .avi
just for shits sake though, “to only hear the game”, crowd is whatever, who really counts? the nukka you playing