Couple reasons why games should be played on head 2 head set ups(specifically 3s)

fuck it, EVO is console anyway, plus its not like the shit is crazy hard to get

my friend elis head to head cab is the best. im spolied :o.

Evo should be run from the comforts of your own home- on XBL. :tup:

I love this idea, by the way. I apparently seem to do considerably better on VS cabinets because it’s a lot harder to predict what I’m doing because I smack buttons very loudly and my motions are generally loud and clear.

haha u also forget to say random… lol j/k

good games today

I like head to head style cabinets because when I run out the clock to win a match they can’t punch me or push me off the machine during the game and I get a couple seconds running head start to get away from them afterwards:tup:

you’re such a nerd. haha.

LOL, way too many people watch my hands whenever i play 3s at CF. I called someone out on that shit once and he stopped watching my hands the rest of the time we played :rofl: