Couple sells children to play online games

I dont know what to say, this is a new low??!

update - full article here:

According to the full article my guess is they were going to keep having kids and selling to keep playing at the cybercafe wow.

Was about to flip out until I saw it was China

noooo this can’t be real

I read that as “Capcom sells children…” But what the fuck. Lemme guess… They’re chinese.

Nah, read the article its a short read. Their chinese.



Boys are better than girls.

Men make more money, statistically, than women in the same job position.

And apparently they worth more when being sold like slaves.


$4600 will buy you like 6000 SoJs


I feel kinda bad for understanding that sentence.

chinese justice system is pretty harsh so i think its going to work out here.

they didn’t know it was illegal? these parents will be “educated” in parenting.

the article didn’t say what game it was, i’m guessing some shitty MMO? and this is why i will never let my kids play MMOs. it turns you into a horrible human being. drugs? alcohol? i’d be pissed, but whatever. if i ever caught them playing WOW i’d beat them black and blue.

edit: i didnt know SOJs were that cheap

Actually on d2jsp a SOJ goes for about 7-8fg.
1fg = 0.04 dollars.
4600 dollars = 115,000fg
115,000fg = 14,375 SOJs.


Damn, that’s hilarious. Didn’t know it was illegal? Reminds of Dave Chapelle with the white friend who was speeding.

I got a millions to get it, choose one
Sell yo kids, sell yo kids
Now double your rings and make a stack.

Wasnt surprised when I read the article that it happend in China

Oh China, you so crazy.

In a country where they murder their own children should they have a girl, I’m not surprised.

and these are the same people, people here in the states fear. GFG China.

I thought the same thing. Human life seems worthless to them over there, unless you have status that is.

What. apparently I’m not up in the slave trade game.

I could’ve sworn women, especially attractive ones, were significantly more

edit: nm it’s fucking China. that makes sense

I didnt know china was so coldddd. Straight up gutta, makes where i grew up look like the hamptons =(