Couple stereo questions

  1. On car decks, under the equalizer settings, it has about 7 or 8 different sub-settings to tune it better, but over the years I never really understood them. Could someone give me the easiest explaination possible of them?

  2. For a system at home (to watch tv/dvds and play video games) which would be better between these two (in general):
    A shelf stereo:

or a theatre in a box:


None of you guys know shit about stereos? Can I at least get some input on the second question cause I wanna buy one of them tonight.

If you’re also gonna be using the system for games and movies, the HTiB might be the better choice since pretty much all game systems are going to support 5.1 or higher. You should also consider the shape and size of your room. Is your seating area going to have room behind it for the rear speakers? Out of the two you linked to, for the same price I’d go with the HTiB if I had an appropriately shaped room. Actually, that Yamaha system looks like a steal. SACD and DVD audio support, good wattage, etc, but it says it’s sold out and is web-only.

As for equalization, I don’t know the details but I believe the sound is divided in frequency intervals (like how lower Hz frequencies represent the bass and so forth). The equalizer lets you increase or decrease each interval (in decibals) to your liking, depending on the type of music and kind of soundstage you want it to sound like. Just find one of the presets that sounds best to you, and alter it from there. Search for “equalization” at Wikipedia for more detailed information.

Theater’s in a box ususally suck, just stay away from whack ass unknown brands. Not too bad of a price for that yamaha setup though. Thing is, music (as in just playing a regular audio cd) from those comes out retarded. Sure, you have a sub, but you have music coming out of 5 other speakers for no real reason. Should work just fine for dvd watching.

I say the yamaha may give you more options for use since it will have everything you need for decent surround/movies/consoles.

As for tuning, you don’t really have to worry about that since you can control how loud certain speakers are depending on the size of your room, for surround sound.

When tuning for cars, you have to adjust for acoustics because some cars have retarded speaker placement. Hence, why you need to properly adjust the highs/mids/lows/subwoofers since they are all different sized speakers.

Equalizer settings are for different set of sounds. Usually cars come with just bass and treble. Different players have different points that you can adjust. The higher numbers are higher pinch sounds, more towards the treble end. The lower numbers are the bass.

How I adjust it is just setting them all to the bottom, not zero, the bottom. I see -10 usually as the bottom. Going from right to left, I put the first one on max, so you can hear exactly what sound it is. You can see how much of that sound you’d want. Then just move onto the next one. It all depends preference and music types.

Music on a 5.1 should be fine. There’s options to you set it to stereo so that just the front right and front left speakers are used and it’s a normal 2 speaker setup. Some will have 2x stereo which uses the rear speakers too. Still separating by left and right. Would be like having 2 sets of 2 stereo systems set up.

Thanks for the input guys. I just bought this last night:

So I guess instead of getting the whole dvd/speakers/theatre in a box deal I just need some speakers now. Any recommendations?

If you only have a dvd/vhs player, you will need a reciever to be able to use speakers.