Couple things bout Tang

seeing how noone really talks here, i ll spout some random shit that won t be too useful to you

  1. using divekick or teleport, yang can t cross over yun/yang, Q, remy, ibuki in the corner. its been known to happen from quick rise and with timing but i wouldn t say consistent enough over not being able to…since theres usually a flawed condition you were able to do it from(i.e.- making contact with the wall FROM a quick rise, etc.)

  2. yang can double air attack going backwards, the first attack still carries the frame advantage of the mk, so if the second hit whiffs, you can still mix up when you land

  3. chun, elena, Q are yang’s wierdest bouncers in the corner, followed closely by necro, its possible to juggle 2 sets of slashes from a launch. each of them and some of the other cast can be finished up with a standing fierce from 1 set.

  4. yang can connect a second close mk near the corner, nothing comes from SJC it into sa2 though.

  5. against some characters, the close mk will whiff after a crouching/standing lk from close, usually the first move you throw out will beat out they re next attack(usually cro. mp from that range, unless chun), educated players block, poke, dp or crouch(but not block) since the next move is sudden.

  6. specific situations, but air attacks you know will whiff when they land can be command grabbed from further away, commands get crazy range during footgames yes, but thats something funky. warning for certain characters though, who attack or grab faster than most would think COUGHNECRO*

the general thought for fighting game strategies is their low effort-high reward value, yang is weak, all you have to do is properly block/tech against him, no intimidation of a ken knockdown type of damage going on here.


assuming your holding the torch, being up close and having the threat of a fast attack that can be EXed isn t too shaby, you can force alot of mistakes, FAST. its uncommon to come across players who make no mistakes in their matches.
with having all choices layed out and pokes backed with good judgement…you can force some nasty mistakes too while tacking on damage, sa3 can be ridiculously stupid too

why sa2 is good?
shallow but also a deep topic, not everyone has the same defensive/offensive patterns and habits, we can t sit here and run thru what kind of knockdown with what moves caused the player to react wrong during the next sequence with which moves(you can still notice general reactions and habits).

why sa3 is good?
A. free 20%+, knockdown
B. breathing room(but why)
C. intimidation, no other character has 3 attacks at the same time, they re gonna have to think before attacking, more time for them to be defensive…unless your being too obvious to the wrong player. drawbacks are you have to be close to start anything, but you already know their options, only a mistake on your part can get you hit.
D. its nice to have something over 50% guaranteed to keep you safe to rely on when you need it.

a more refined method of playing, but its slower and more subseptible to dogfights IMO. no EX means keeping sweep distance since your not likely to be using EXs from light attacks. sweep distance creates range, that gives your opponents more time to react to your attacks, the right combinations of strengths found in some players will play better with that extra time. but generally it makes lil difference so what do i know.

while tang lacks the solidity of yun’s moves, his jumping/dive kick speed, free comboable offense with established patterns that lead to over 40%, he can take care of the cast in his own way.
he has over 24 normal attacks, a really good special move/EX, a bootleg ass dp, a palm and a teleport. kungfu only gives you the moves, now be like water bitch