Couple who met playing Halo online for FIVE YEARS see each other for the first time


Moment couple who met playing Halo online for FIVE YEARS see each other for the first time… and now they’re engaged


Wow, they aren’t even hideous.


That shit dont warm my heart. I just wanna slap both them dorks.


I vomited.


I keep forgetting this is SRK, where romance and anything involving marriage (And sometimes/rarely sex in general) is frowned upon by the community.

Good reminder thread though.


They’re rehearsing what they’ve been taught to do.


Wow! I actually wish I can meet a girl similar to this, but in the fighting genre point of view.


Here’s hoping that they make it. At least Co-op for them is a no-brain-er :rofl:

The fantasy thread is in the other direction bro. I’ll get in line after you. lol


This is like~ super fucking common. This happens in nearly every MMO that has ever made lol~


I know right? Have you see what the Evo crowd looked like? I should have been there to even things out a bit.


Moments like these call for HorseHead.


Pretty nice story. Hope things work out for them.

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Romance happens all over the internets. Man, didnt any of you fuckers see those dudes hitting it off in the lounge yesterday? Man, if I hadnt stepped in, cyber sex (they still call it that?) would have taken place right there. Even on SRK, romance can happen.


Was that a Zelda 2 joke?

And one thing I never quite got too. People just always seem to assume marriage and kids are a given. Like it’s some life script made already before you’re born. Not everyone in life wants that you know? And going back to that 50% divorce rate thing too. Look how many problems come out of kids and marriage vs the good things too. Kid messes up in some things, you do everything you can to stop it, and you get in trouble too for it.


Yeah, because romance can clearly be achieved through gamefaqs and halo online, and maintained by meeting once every 5 years. I like your idea of romance, I really do.


Looks at lounge

You’re all faggots…


Twas a a EVO Horsehead reference.
He makes any moment hype.


I figured that was it. Just wanted to say that instead.


Get this queer shit off my $RK igga. Post this nonsense in the Relationship Thread ver.FaceMe=STDs and fatherless kids.


No, it’s an EVO KOF hype joke. I may have to combine the both of those now though somehow.

Edit: Ah, DanDan beat me to it, still awesome though.