Coupon codes?!?! madcatz or qanba?


I was looking at these 3 sticks:

I prefer buying the qanba q1 because it is the cheapest. I would like to know which one is the best quality and worth the money. I have had the injustice fight stick for a while and I think its time for a change. Also if you know any coupon codes for any of the products please post them (NorthWestMajors 6 is on now, but I don’t know the coupon codes for them)


Q1 has crappy parts, don’t buy it. Q4 has good lever and buttons (same as the mad catz), and is dual compatible out of the box.

The mad catz has good lever/buttons, and the best pcb of the 3 (a few more problems have been reported with the quanba pcb’s).


Why Eightarc doesn’t carry the Q1-SA, I have no idea.

That said, get the MadCatz.


The Fightstick Pro was just 99 dollars this weekend for NWM. Madcatz usually drops it during tournament promotions. Both the Q4 and Madcatz will serve you well, just stay away from the Q1 IMO.


I keep on thinking the Q1 SA don’t actually exist, its just shops on your end of the world that will just mod the stick themselves and sell it as a SA. At least that how it appears over here in the states.


You can buy them boxed, off the shelf here.