Coupon for condoms

CMAN10 for 10% off on condoms at crown condoms are the way to go :slight_smile:

Cool, this applies to like what, 5 people on this forum?


Wrong place.

lol. free at planned parenthood.

Have you ever gone to those places that give out free condoms in a basket and use a small needle to poke holes in the middle of each one?


lmao thats fucked up

Just go raw…its way better.

…Rep please

Up that count to 7…

Or you could do what my friend in college used to do. He’d wait until there was “free condom day” on campus and he’d take a bucket.

I’m sure that condom bucket was a total aphrodisiac for the ladies, too.

“Take your pick, dear. I have a fucking pile in there.”

Decrease that count back to 6…

Hi SRK just wondering Will I have better luck with Asian girls if I buy these, thanks in advance…


8 :angel::angel::angel:

I don’t use condoms

what is sex?

fuck the condom, nothing wrong with having nice clean pussy juice all over you. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty big assumption. I don’t think you can be too sure that any girl who would have sex with any of us is clean.

A miserable little pile of hormones?
Enough talk! Have at you!