Court Rivals - Post Up Or Shut Up!

So, I decided to make a thread so that we can separate it from the NBA thread. If you don’t know, court rivals is a combination basketball simulation/rpg. You make a player, train the player, join a team and beast or be beasted as necessary. This place is the thread to brag about your totally useless stats and computer generated accomplishments. Imagine how much respect you’ll get when you show everyone how you scored 20 points in a game while still remaining in your chair like the fat lazy bastard you are! You no longer have to live vicariously through real NBA players like regular folk doyou can take that one step down and live vicariously through computer generated simulations like the rest of the cool guys. AWESOME! But don’t take my word for it; here are some comments from other users:

But don’t take their word for it. Act now and be one of the first to get bombed on by Ali Oops! For some of you, the cyber court may be the only hole you ever have a chance of taking it to. Last one to sign up has a social life!

Thank you.

That’s one fucked up av you got there…

If it offends you maybe you shouldn’t be on the internet. I find it rather funny.

I like playin oneman teams so my dude UMBERTO THE SHOT STOPPA can get them TEN BLOCKS PER GAME

That’s the thing–it doesn’t offend me; it’s just fucked up.

lol i dont remember making that comment above.

i remember i didnt make a comment either, and there isnt one up there
so you are probably wrong, maxx

Are you saying Jesus is racist?

I actually set my alarm to wake me up with one of my stats quit training so I could set a new one up and go back to bed. :rofl:

I don’t think anyone expect you to remember half the stuff you say. :arazz::arazz::arazz:

oooh burn. :wonder:

Serious kudos for the dead-on user comments. That’s probably one of the better attempts I’ve seen in recent months, with the lone exception of the Million post which is a bit too on the nose. No one seems to ever be able to get the proper tone of a Million post down…I think that’s why he’s so good.

Anyway, I rather liked polluting the basketball thread with this nonsense, but maybe this is for the better.

I know SRK, SRK2, and SRK3 are all full…are we up to SRK4 yet?

And what’s with this fucking nonsense in SRK where Clark Kent is putting up games of like 2 points, 40 rebounds, 5 blocks? Haha, that’s excellent. It’s like if Dennis Rodman and 2004 Ben Wallace did a fusion dance that somehow combined their rebounding powers together while simultaneously lowered their already very meger offensive abilities. I think you guys have broken the game.

Also, good job in shooting 0.222 from the line, Warpy, despite free throw shooting allegedly being one of your “strengths.” In comparison, I had like 13 points in it before today and I’m shooting .923. Step yo damn game up, son!


we got the top rbds and ppg on the team, carp
our chemistry is easy like h2o

Yeah, go figure on that. I don’t know what’ sweirder, going 2 of 9 on free throws, or shooting 0 free throws in the last 5 games. I started out with 20 points on free throws, and went 2-9, so I added points…and haven’t taken a free throw since.

Oh, and we play MagicFlakes tonight? That is the weirdest team ever…and I see they put it on SRK last night, too. A quick look at the stats of a couple of their players:

Top scorer: Fried Chicken
21.5 points per game
In the last 10 games, he’s shot the ball 36, 39, 33, and 38 times.

Bear Brand
12.8 PPG
12.3 FG%
92.5 FT%

A few examples of his play…last night against SRK, 0-1 from the field, 26-26 from the line. The night before, 1-15 from the field and 18-18 from the line. 0-30 from the field and 20-20 from the line on Monday.

Top rebounder:
Spicy Dilis
28.7 RPG

just ahead of Double Dead:
26.2 RPG

Dilis’s last 5 games: 37, 52, 70, 19, and 30 rebounds. Dead: 31, 41, 56, 21, 32. Apparently their strategy is to throw up a shitload of bricks and either rebound them all or get fouled. Sometimes they even get lucky and make shots.

srk1 is probably about to dissolve just sayin

I bounced out of SRK3 because the coach pulled a Bisping on us. Team basket balls Deep is where it’s at now. MVP BABY!

shit srk2 is the only team that acts like one

heeeeeey, i didn’t say that!!! i hate fun!

where’s the posting police when you need them?


The fuck…?