Courtesy online


It’s come to this. I’m not happy right now, so I’ll say why. There are a bunch of rude fuckers online who don’t seem to know the first thing about being polite on zbattle, kaillera, and whatnot. So I’m going to see what SRK can contribut to stem the rising tide of retardedness happening every day online. Here are some simple suggestions to follow to make your, and everyone elses, game much more enjoyable.

  1. On zbattle, ASK before downloading a rom from the other person. It’s considered rude as hell to jump into a game, click download, and either leave, or wait till it’s done and leave. In essence, you’ve stolen the rom from the other person, wasted their time, and given nothing in return.

  2. Talking shit is fine, if kept at a reasonable level. This level varies from person to person, and if you’ve never played them before, try to keep it at a minimum. Sometimes people have bad days, sometimes you are better, and then theres the luck factor. But never should you insult the person without just cause. If you’re totally dominating them, thats fine. But it’s no reason to tell them “You Suck”. Sure, they might just suck. But if that’s the case, let them know they need more practice, and leave the game. Also beware the “you suck” check your mouth tries to write and it may not be able to cash. I’ve had my bad days, and was losing 4-0 in UMK3 against someone. For no reason at all, he blurted out those fateful words, despite the fact the matches were quite close. So I buckled down, and went 7 straight on him. Beware the unknown factor, people.

  3. Spamming in game or in chat is also rude. Don’t jump in a game and suddenly

It’s annoying, and it’s demeaning. Give the person a moment.

  1. If you are losing, don’t bitch. Don’t complain about cheapness. Everyone has their own tactics. Learn to overcome them. One loss might very well be lag. But if you lose 20 straight, what the FUCK are you still playing for in such a laggy game? That makes YOU look stupid.

  2. When on zbattle, and you start a game, please do not ASSUME that the other player is broadband, and immeadiatly drop to 1 latency. Ask them what their connection is, THEN change it. Learn to play on 1,2 AND 3 latency, as some computers truly run like shit on 1. Also, do not be stiff and unwilling to raise the latency if they can’t play on 1. You’ll be missing ot on a challenge, quite possibly.

  3. Don’t bitch about how a game sucks every 5 seconds. Without naming names, there is a very GOOD UMK3 player that I know, however, he constantly complains about it’s (admittedly) many glitches, etc. If you dislike it so much, simply don’t play it.

Feel free to add if you feel I’ve missed anything.


Yes, Amen brother.
I win 50/50, Sometimes I dominate and other times I lose. I have people join my game then say
I suck, Well maybe compared to you but what about the other 50%? And if I suck so bad why do you keep playing me? I have people complain about me throwing rocks with Cody on SF Alpha 3. Trust me if you were good you’d get around it.
Also how about people on kaillera hacking into your games and try to talk to you while your playing then get mad when you don’t answer. For crying out loud at least wait till the match is done.
I have had immense fun playing online and its great when you find people for some friendly (and sometimes heated) competition but the rudeness and stupidity has to go.


I seem to get a lot of #4 from some players, but I just say something random like “You can do it”!!! and try to avoid arguing with them or making them angrier than they already are.

  1. Please do not enter a game and leave it within 3 seconds. Whats the point of this? I understand you might click the wrong one on occasion, but I’ve had the SAME PERSON multiple times do this. Why?


I have to deal with this even more than you do, because for some reson the same 3 fuckers change names just to piss me off (these would abuser and 2 other more) hell I even know the last 3 digits of his damn IP from him trying to join my game.

Now if people really hate you, then you got This:


O i have 2.

  1. Dont make a server to test out a virus or play a joke. I once joined a server that put somethin in my cookies or whatever to make whatever i type have his name under it. Another on was that i could not join servers, so i had to restart comp and crt-alt-delete. This Virus crap has been happening often on Kaillera and its gettin on my nerves. If u wanna do that make it a private server and pull a prank on your friends, not some random people.

  2. Plz have the decency to let someone know your leaving or if you get disconnect that you cant reconnect. Its really rude because some people like myself will be kind and wait for that person to comeback, just to play a match with him or hear from him. And when they don show up its like a kick in the face.

Other than that i completly agree with the rest of what u said f- brain. Courtesy is becoming a major problem


Someone joins the game just to say "this game sucks, play [$this_game] instead. Or they wait until the game loads and before you even play, says the same exact thing. Go play that other game then and stop wasting both of our time.

There will never be courtesy without accountability, there’s too many children and too many oversized egoes.


Saying someone sucks when you’re just as bad doesn’t really sound too good.


the worst some random guy joins your game and does close and closes your game in the middle of the match


Please don’t type “gg” after every single freaking match


That is so annoying especially when you crush an opponent and then they say gg? Ugh.


The host is allways the one who’s going to do the game settings i.e. versus battle, options.


LMFAO…i have to laugh that one

Damn Brain, your like the Godfather of this online stuff man…too good. :encore:


Its even funnier when its basically a double perfect at their expense :tup:


I say “GG” only if it’s really close and my opponent beat me, or if I know the person is a lot weaker than me and I can tell they’re trying as hard as they can to beat me.

“GG” loses all meaning if you say it after every fucking game…not all games are good!


i guess a lot of people think of “gg” as an ownage term, since a lot of people have started using it for that purpose.

that might piss off some people, ive seen it happen.


Admirable thread FatherBrain :slight_smile:

Its a little misplaced tho… the users that behave like this are either never gonna read this, or will read it and think OMG you sUx0r! ololol WTF desycnh GG.

That said… my personal kaillera pet peeve has to be the kaillera trolls who refuse to learn a new game, and instead thrive on beatin the piss outta noobs in the same ole same ole.

Oh… and shit talkers. I been a kailleran for almost 3 years now, and that Wakka feller STILL just plays mvc, and STILL sits around and talks shit at every opportunity. I dont mvc, never have, and this is still annoying to me.


Bump needed. Enough votes and I’ll sticky.


I’m getting tired of people joining playing games in the middle of a match. Not only does this cause lag in the current match, but if that player leaves (which they usually do), it messes up all the controls (ie. your character begins punching rapidly even though you aren’t pressing anything).

As for complaining, I don’t mind it as long as the guy isn’t a hypocrite about it. There are some tactics that are just utterly stupid (like in SvC, some guy that tossed Sonic booms so rapidly taht you couldn’t even recover from a blocked one enough to avoid the next one…the entire match was sonic boom). However, I’m tired of people complaining about run-away tactics, when all their characters do the same.


Good point Emil today I was playing Garou with some random guy he was using Kevin and me Hoku. The thing is that I play with Hoku more keep away against charcters like Tizoc, Kevin, and Terry. He complains I won because when the mathc was so close that any dumb mistake could kill us I started to keep away. Same thing happen in other games using others characters besides Hoku. I don’t understand why people bitch about that since is a stupid strategy.

So in few words don’t complain that u lost because u where outsmarted.