Courtney Love Alledges: "I nailed the Bush guy when he was with Gwen Stefani"...smh

Now, this is more or less just more celeb gossip BS that I wouldn’t normally give a shit about cause TMZ does all the legwork for me…but when I saw this over on Blabbermouth I just thought to myself…Damn niggas is makin a habit of this ‘cheatin down’ shit.

Now I understand how a married man who ain’t gettin the love he needs at home may find it necessary to go trolling for scumbucket sluts around the city…but if you’re just startin out…and you got Gwen Stefani…how do you throw some dick at Courtney Love? I mean I’m not saying I’d smash Stefani for days or anything, but EASILY she’s above Courtney Love status…I mean it’s almost equivalent to strung-out hobo pussy.

In conclusion, the 90’s fuckin ruled.

And I know this is just a publicity stunt, but that’s a pretty sick burn.

Gavin was in great danger, bitch has killed before.

I call bullshit. If Rossdale had boned her he would have killed himself in shame. Who wouldn’t?

Bitch killed Kurt Cobain and prevented awesome Nirvana REM collaboration.

I want to also, but this has gotta be the most random attempt getting her name in the public she’s tried so far, on top of the fact that she’s currently feuding with Billy Corgan…who she apparently also claimed wanted to bone Frances Bean while he was helping Love write the new Hole album…yeah…weird shit.

shes like the bottom of the bottom of the barrel.

Man Courtney Love is so incredibly full of shit. I mean just look at her. It oozes out of her. Uhg ugly skank.

I’m not sure what’s worse, that someone had sex with Courtney Love, or that the people around her gave her shit because they thought he “Sounded like Kurt”.

He was in an awful NIRVANA tribute band. maybe he was trying to LIVE THE ROLL.

C. Love = VD central, me thinks.

I think its worse that people care about her sex life.

I moused over the title and thought it said Love had affair with President Bush :slight_smile:

I think it’s worse that people thought he sounded like Kurt.

Random aside…


Best single Nirvana thing ever put on an album.

Bush sucked so much ass. No idea why anybody cares.

That would have at least been interesting. Haha. Just imagining that is awesome.

My sources say she had her penis circumcised over and over until it became an ‘innie’.

I’m glad that it didn’t happen to be honest.

As for this crazy bitch… whatever. She spends half her time in castles in the sky anyway.

I LOL’s at Billy Corgan calling anybody talentless.

George Bush does not care about ugly people!