Coveguy's Toronto tourny results

How the fuck did I end up with three brackets???

*whoever ran the bracktes really fucked it up. Quite a few ppl were not supposed to go in some places in the losers…
1st Js master
2nd Adam B
3rd Ack
4th King
5th Nech Neb
5th Melvin
7th DarkDragon :arazz:
7th Hugo Anthony
9th Burton
9th Tommy - festival pig
9th Dickson
9th Mo
13th Jiggabry
13th G3nn
13th Will
13th Noodleman
17th Marro?
17th cliff
17th Coveguy
17th cyrus
21st Nam

1st/2nd tie - Roger @ Js master
3rd Gerjay
4th Noodleman
5th Arcade Legend
5th Jiggabry
7th Kymah
7th Random Rey
9th Mythic exile
9th Tigerlee
9th Jim
9th John

GGXX #r - LOL gg had more entries than shitty cvs2

1st Tidus
2nd DarkDragon
3rd Pui
4th Ky guy aka Boa
5th Alex
5th K2
7th Tigerlee
7th KyAnt
9th X-Sapphire
9th Justin
9th Fil
9th HoHo
13th Tony
13th Sa
13th Js master

you made a typo, it’s mystic exile.

lol, js got peaced out in ggxx? gueess he can’t claim to be BBTO or whatever he claims to be in that game :rofl:

you had more ggxx entries, yet cvs2 took longer to run…it’s kinda sad…

congrats to js master on 1st in 3s. (adam u shoulda used chun/dudley =p)

looked liked a pretty good turn out, sorry i couldnt make it.

justin: can i pleaseeeeee (pretty please) have my vids wen i come back from florida in 2 days =(

sorry stephen

honestly, so much fucked up things happened yesterday that i didn’t see coming (aside from those fucking cars)

really sorry. this tournament was really shitty -_-

i’ll try to make up for it next time

how the fuck does someone tie for first?

marvel results?

Here comes the Nagata lock style log-

Low point of the day: lost to gerjay in cvs2

Highlight of the day: came back from losers and beat gerjay 3-0 in cvs2

i should stop joining all 4 games every tournament cuz i can never concentrate properly especially wen my matches are so close together… and i am still the BBTO cuz i basically forfeited GGXX and no one can beat me with baiken

cove guy: thx for runnin the tournament… i had lotsa fun!

PS. why is JS Master so good?

First off thanks to Marc for hosting the event.

Concerning the brackets, I had a couple of people come to me with bracket problems. I had to make two corrections on the fly (why Ian was ranked 7th in CvS2 instead of lined up on the inside I’ll never know) before I said “sorry, not doing it.” I’m sure directors should know by now how to read the Shin Akuma brackets and where to place people. If not, read the bracket more carefully, it’s pretty well laid out.

Marvel had a full 16 man bracket. If I know Bryan, he has it on him. From what I can remember.

1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay
3rd - G3nn
4th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - JS Master
5th -
7th - Lord Magnus
7th - Cito
9th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Mystic God
9th -
9th -
13th -
13th -
13th - Green
13th - Tigerlee

I know that Cito, Pererick, Marcus, and a few others are in there but I don’t know where.

Where was Sauga? We could have easily had 20 - 24 if the usual folks showed up.

Where the fuck did all these Reload players come from?

Chilling with Crowbar was jokes. Poor guy just wanted to play a game.

GG’s to Ian & Wing in the money matches. Big thanks to Wing for the talk afterwards about what needs changing. With ECCXI coming, I’ll probably be spending some money on gas so I can reach ORBIT on a regular basis and train up again because I’m falling apart fast.

Is there a GTA tourney in March? The only weekend I’m free is 03/05 outside of MAT IV.

Hrm, same people entering over and over. Where is teh new blood .

i beat ian in cvs2 :confused:
such is the way of brackets i suppose.

great tourney. i sucked ass in 3s.
also: cvs2 was rigged. 11 contestants, 6 of which are like top players from their regions.
so i had to go against lets see…ian…gerjay…noodleman. :confused: :confused:
nevertheless, great times.
thanks marc

haha, worst. cvs2. brackets. ever. Kin vs John and Me vs Jimmy first round, either Kin got ranked higher than me or Jim got ranked lower than John…fucked up.

1st - Jiggabry
2nd - Gerjay
3rd - G3nn
4th - Ratio1beatdown
5th - JS Master
5th - Cito
7th - Lord Magnus
7th - Nagata Lock II
9th - Tigerlee
9th - Mystic God
9th - Quan
9th - Joker
13th - The Cate
13th - Dee
13th - Green
13th -

:wow: I CAME 7TH! :wow:

:lol: Imagine what I could rank if I knew what I was doing? :lol:

Oh I forgot to mention this earlier but it concerns Marvel.

If you have made your brackets and someone shows up after registration, they get whatever spots are left. You do not re-work brackets for someone who didn’t have the forsight to at least leave a post on SRK to say they’ll be late. It’s a disrespect to the players that showed up and registered on time. Not slighting anyone, just making a point for further reference.

Also (only because I’ve had a few MSN’s about this since getting up) as it concerns the CvS2 brackets (I’m not even going over 3S, which I know nothing about) if the players can agree on it one way or another, I will make the brackets for CvS2 and then hand them to someone else. I really have no desire to direct but I also hate to see people complain about messed up seeding when I could have taken all of 2 minutes to design a 16 player bracket. So it’s up to you guys if you want the hand or not.

sleeping is better than wasting money at orbit.

i agree with that wholeheartedly, but didnt we have a money match to settle?:sad:
o and gg’s to everyone
i actually draw’ed a game with wing!!! next time i’ll beat those insane seed odds and come out on top!

u gave/give most people a good fight with ur curt rolling tactics, im sure u’ll come up with a new curt system sooner or later when u reach orbit more often.

its just an opinion that i think its better for u to come up with a new tactics rather than trying to improve ur roll system, cause theres nothing u can improve on for that. it just… still works for certain players… ie. “i am naive.”

9th, no… prolly 13th.

Not really. I have no interest in playing you to be honest.

no comment

I just wanted something to do if I decided to go.

or if you want

I’ll say I’m shook of cyrus at CvS2.

well, in the end there isn’t much to complain about in the cvs2 brackets, since the placing ended up pretty much the way they should’ve. but the seeding did seem abit off, considering that i don’t recall any late entries.

fuckin made me face Bry first =/